Resources for young people: Children's Liturgy

Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Since we are currently unable to have Mass and meet in church, we are now bringing Children’s Liturgy on-line for you to participate from home.  The format follows what we usually do; please download our Children’s Liturgy of the Word sheet if you wish to be able to follow it at home.

Click the red button below for this week’s Children’s Liturgy:

Children’s Liturgy is suitable for pre-schoolers and all primary school aged children.  The Welcome Song is particularly enjoyed by our younger worshippers, whereas the older children always seem to engage well with the Children’s Homily. Children – and adults alike – learn a lot from discussing and debating the messages of each Gospel. Don’t be afraid of this!  Please encourage discussion and debate, and enjoy the journey it takes you on.


Each week, we also recommend a child-friendly hymn to finish up with.  The hymns we choose are well known and loved, and we provide a link to readily available YouTube versions that include the lyrics.  Hymns are uplifting – something we all benefit from, especially during difficult times. They are also a form of prayer!


In addition, we offer an Illustrated Gospel each week as a suitable alternative for older children. It is widely recognised that illustrations can aid both concentration and understanding.  This is a much shorter offering than a full Children’s Liturgy of the Word, but includes some questions at the end for deeper reflection and discussion.


Alternatively, if your children are older, they may prefer to watch an illustrated version of the Gospel. Illustrations help everyone to improve their levels of concentration and understanding.  This version includes some questions for reflection at the end, suitable for family discussions.



Afterwards, you and your family may like to celebrate what you have learnt by sharing a song together.  

Thank you to Good News Productions International and College Press Publishing for the use of all the Gospel images.

Thank you to Candida and the Children’s Liturgy team at St Marie’s Cathedral , Sheffield, for giving permission for us to use this material.