Newsletters during the Coronavirus pandemic:  New Milton

Government 2nd lockdown from Thursday 5th November to Wednesday 2nd December 2020. Churches closed for public worship.

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24 hours with the Lord : 27th November

I am inviting everyone across the Diocese, clergy, religious and laity, to keep with me a special Day of Prayer and Fasting for an End to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

We can pray earnestly for a speedy end to the pandemic

for the safety and protection of all, especially our family and friends

for the health of the sick and the strength of those who care for them

for those suffering financially or in other ways from the pandemic

for patients in hospitals and the residents of care-homes

for all medical staff and key workers

for government leaders, scientists and advisors

for the discovery of an effective, ethically-sourced, vaccine,

for patience, perseverance and mental well-being

and for all who have died and those who mourn them.

Bishop Philip.



Our churches will be open to pray

at the following times


Our Lady of Lourdes, New Milton


Our Lady of Mercy & St Joseph, Lymington




St Francis of Assisi, Milford on Sea



St Anne’s, Brockenhurst



St Michael’s,Hythe



CHRISTMAS CARDS FROM THE SISTERS: Our talented sisters have been working very hard during this last six months of lock down building up our stocks for Christmas. Sr Lucy and Sr Catherine have built up a beautiful stock of original watercolours and calligraphy cards. In this time of lockdown when you cannot go out to do normal Christmas shopping you may find something special for Christmas here. and be able to support our community in a very special way at the same by purchasing our cards! It is not always easy to find suitable Christian cards in our increasingly secular world. We hope we can fill a gap in this area.

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Times for Private Prayer

The Church will be open for Private Prayer on Wednesdays and Fridays from

11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


“Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?” – Ben Franklin

Newsletter 8th November Remembrance Sund[...]
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Statement on the Four-Week National Lockdown in England

and a Call to Prayer

from the Bishops of England and Wales

Wednesday, November 4th, 2020 @ 6:16 pm


Today, Parliament passed into law the Regulations governing many aspects of activity in the whole of England until Wednesday, 2 December.

These Regulations prohibit the gathering of people for communal worship in churches and other religious buildings.

Churches remain open and in use for activities other than communal worship, including personal prayer and support for those in need.

Funeral Masses and funeral services may be held. Please refer to the Regulations (for places of worship see paragraph 18) and associated Guidance.

Despite profound misgivings it is important that we, as responsible citizens, observe these Regulations, which have the force of law:

“Remind them to be obedient to the officials in authority; to be ready to do good at every opportunity”           Titus 3:1

We do this in solidarity with so many others on whom are being imposed restrictions which impact severely on their lives and livelihoods.

It is also important to recognise that these Regulations are not an attack on religious belief. However, they do demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding of the essential contribution made by faith communities to the well-being, resilience and health of our society. At this difficult moment, we ask that, as a Catholic community, we make full use of our churches as places of individual prayer and sources of solace and help.

Daily Prayer

We must sustain each other in our patterns of prayer, joining a national shared moment of prayer each day at 6pm, and observing the Vigil of Christ the King (21 November) as a day of prayer for the ending of this pandemic.

We encourage you all in your practical service and support of each other and those around you in need. This pathway of prayer and service is the royal road we are to take as a gracious witness in our society today.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols              President

Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP      Vice-President

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NEWSLETTER 4th October 27TH SUNDAY OF T[...]
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The administrator has been furloughed and is now back on a part time basis.

No newsletter 2nd,9th,16th,23rd August

No newsletter 26th July

No newsletter 19th July

No newsletter 12th July. No information re Mass times.

No newsletter 5th July. No information re opening of church for Masses.

No newsletter for 28th June. No information about re-opening of church for private prayer or Mass.

No newsletter 21st June & no information yet as regards opening churches for private prayer. Confession (Reconciliation) is by appointment. Please ring the parish office Telephone: 01425 614968

No newsletter 14th June

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Newsletter 7th June THE MOST HOLY TRINIT[...]
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Coronavirus Appeal

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has now spread worldwide, with confirmed cases in several countries where we work. Its spread to countries with poor health systems will be devastating. Our local experts need your support to continue protecting lives.

Catholics admitted to Hospitals

It is important when a Catholic is admitted to hospital, the family ensure that the Catholic Chaplaincy is contacted so that appropriate support can be given. As access to the hospital may be restricted, it is suggested that the patient have a note to give to hospital staff on admission notifying staff that they are Catholic and would appreciate the Catholic chaplaincy service. This could be followed up by a telephone call from the family to the ward making the request.

No newsletter 31st May Pentecost

No newsletter 7th Sunday of Easter 24th May

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No Newsletter 3rd May

No Newsletter 26th April

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