Newsletters during the Coronavirus for Waterside- Hythe & Holbury

Fr Abraham's Homily can be found on the parish page.

From Fr Abraham   9th August

Mass Intention : The people of the Parish.All parishioners and their intentions are celebrated at the mass. All who are sick and housebound.

We cannot have mass next week from August 10 - 15th . We do not have two stewards for the week. Though 15th August is a big day, we cannot open for public  mass.

Please check on office window and webpage for mass update.

I will offer mass everyday.

As per clear instructions and protocol, we cannot open without two stewards. No compromise on cleaning and safe practices. All who come for mass should listen to our Stewards on Safety of you and others.

When there is possibility, and battling with the question of existance and survival, we should keep aside small preferences and come forward to be volunteers so we can have Sunday masses. I appeal the entire parish, I mean entire parish to come forward to volunteer as Stewards and Cleaners without whom we cannot open with best of our willingness.It should be done only with happiness and joy by a person.

Only an appeal . Have no doubt appeal extends to all parishioners. Help me to be helped.

No one from the shielding bracket group and self isolating are allowed to be volunteers.

From Fr Abraham           1st August

Mass Intention: People of the Parish

We have No Sunday Mass on 2nd August as we have no stewards and cleaners for Sunday.

We have Weekday Masses Monday - Saturday 9am. Please avail one of these masses if possible.

We need volunteers outside shielding group.

Sacraments and others need to be catered by those who organise, like 2 stewards and 2 cleaners.

Stay Safe, Keep Well.

From Fr Abraham 26th July


Mass Intention Sunday - People of the Parish


There is no Public Sunday Mass tomorrow (26/07/2020) as there are no volunteers as Stewards and Cleaners.


We have Mass Monday to Friday at 9am coming week.

Each person present must act as a Steward and Cleaner for the weekday Masses.

Sanitise hands before entry and before leaving.

After Mass the Stewards will disinfectant all surfaces which have been touched, thoroughly - door handles, pews etc- with the wipes provided. Masks, gloves to be used. 


Instructions are displayed on office window, noticeboard and entrance of church.

2 Metre signage inside on all benches, entrance etc.


From Fr Abraham 19th July

Mass Intention: People of the parish

We have not yet got Stewards and Cleaners to open the Church on Sundays.

However, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we have mass at 9 am.

A few people have agreed to clean the spaces used during these Masses.

We have all safe practises, like mask, gloves and sanitiser. No gatherings outside in the campus as safety measure.

Stay Safe.

From Fr Abraham  12th July


Mass Intention  People of the parish


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy. 




Dear Parishioners

We have made the request for volunteers from the entire parish.

Our Parish at this moment can hold Mass only at St.Michael's Church.


Volunteers for mass is for Our Parish Mass. Until now only 1person has shown interest to be a Volunteer.

We can have Parish Mass at St.Michael's if we have 2 stewards and cleaners available for EVERY Mass.

One step away. But an important step.


If we are to open for Mass, Stewards are required to: 

-show people to their seat while maintaining social distancing;

-take names and contact telephone numebrs for 'Track & Trace' 

-clean any areas which have been touched. 

We cannot open the church for Mass without Stewards.

Anyone who is fit and well and is not in any of the following Shielding groups can volunteer.


I am instructed to tell you by the Diocese that those who are especially vulnerable cannot be Stewards and are advised to stay at home and not attend Mass:

• those who are over 70,

• in the shielding group,

• or at especially high risk of infection

If you are in one of these groups you are advised to follow government guidelines and stay at home.


+ Anyone displaying symptoms that may indicate a COVID-19 virus infection MUST NOT attempt to come to church.


+ Our Bishops remind us that, at this time of pandemic, no one is obliged to go to Mass. Live streaming from many parishes around the world is still available.






From Fr Abraham 5th July


Mass Intention- People of the Parish.

Keep Well, I remember and pray for you in my daily mass and prayers.


N.B  I have tried to reach parishioners through a notice on St.Michael's office window, St.Bernard's , PPC members and the webpage to find volunteers to help open the church for Mass.  With all security measures we now have to have in place, as prescribed by the government & the Diocese, we can only have 28 people per Sunday mass which must be booked in via the parish office.

Unfortunately, I did not get any volunteers so it is not possible to open for Mass today.

For the time being St Bernard’s will not be opening for Sunday Mass.


The possibility is still there to open St Michael’s for Mass, provided I have 2 stewards and 2 cleaners per mass at least.





I apologise for any inconvenience caused. Fr.Abraham


For any update please contact the parish office number, the notice board/ office window at St.Michaels, and Pastoral area Webpage where you will find the latest updates




I will only be opening St Michael's for Mass and private prayer because I can keep to the strict safety guidelines there.





You will have heard on the News that the Government has allowed places of worship to open for services from 4th July.


It is important to reaffirm, at present, the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended.


I know you are eager to return to Mass, but when you return please do not expect everything to be as it was before Lockdown.

We now have a list of extensive restrictions and requirements from the government, and Bishops of England and Wales, which have to be fulfilled before we can open for celebration of Mass with a congregation.

These are in place to avoid the transmission of the virus. Your safety is paramount.

These restrictions mean that the number of seats available for Mass will be greatly reduced.

You will have to ring or email the parish office to book a seat.

But we cannot open until we have Stewards in place.



Toilet facilities will not be available.

The 2m distancing will be in place.

No Stewards means I cannot safely open for Mass.


I am aiming to open for Mass on Sunday 12th July, BUT this is dependent on having the necessary number of Stewards in place. I feel we need to have the minimum of 3 Stewards on duty each week. If only 3 come forward, then they have to be available each week.


Before you volunteer to be a Steward:


Stewards can be parishioners from St Bernard's and/or St Michael's, providing they meet the criteria below.


Stewards have to be in good health and NOT from the 70+ vulnerable or shielding groups. 


They will have to clean areas of the church before the congregation arrives.


They will be required to ease the flow into church, so I'm afraid it is likely parishioners will have to queue.


They will ask you to sanitize your hands before entry and when leaving and advise you to wear a face covering.


They may also have to record your details to assist the Track and Trace system should it be needed.


They will have to ensure you keep a 2metre distance at all times and will direct you to a pew from the front of the church working their way backwards.


At the end of the service they will direct you out of church one pew at a time.


If you feel you can help, or wish to discuss this further, please ring or email the parish office:-


Contact Fr Abraham: Tel  02380 843479



From Fr Abraham 28th June 2020


Mass Intention:  People of the Parish


I hope you are all well and safe in this difficult time. Please let me know by phone  if you have special Intentions.


Important Information-

As per the regulations of the government, we are allowed to have Mass under guidelines from the 4th of July.

I have asked PPC members to reach the communications to as many people as possible.

We can open provided we have stewards and cleaners in place for each Mass. People who are willing to help, either telephone the office or contact any PPC member who is in contact with you.

We need to follow the safety of ourselves and others, so it cannot be compromised.

We can have not more than 28 people people per Mass at St.Michael's, which could be opened.

The other guidelines and instructions could be found on the noticeboard and office window at St.Michael's asap.

Provision is available under conditions.

Adobe Acrobat document [148.7 KB]

From Fr Abraham 21st June


Mass Intention: . For the people of the Parish.


For all people of my parish and their well being.


I hope you  are all fine and safe.


Please contact the office for any information.


We are trying to organise Stewards and Cleaners for opening church for Private Prayer.

 Once we have it in place we will let you know via our webpage, by phone enquiry or the noticeboard.

 From Fr Abraham 13th June


 Mass Intention:  For the people of the parish - a special   remembrance for the Holy Communion children


 I offer all your intentions at Mass


 I hope you all well and safe! Fr Abraham

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From Father Abraham 7th June


Mass Intention: People of the Parish


I offer my prayers and support to all of you.


Stay Safe and Alert.

31st May

From Fr Abraham


Intention :    For the people of the parish

Prayers:       For all intentions of parish for their good health



Contact Fr Abraham: Tel  02380 843479




24th May

From Fr Abraham


The Mass is offered for the People Of God


For a Special Intention


Fr.Abraham offers his prayers for all the Parishioners and anyone who is sick, who is bereaved at his daily mass.


Keep Safe and stay healthy.





16th May

A message from Fr Abraham


There will be a Funeral service for Giorgio Di Carluccio on the 19th of May, Tuesday at Test Valley, Crematorium.


Mass Intention on Sunday    People of the Parish.


I am offering prayers for all parishioners every day and I send my good wishes to you all.

If anyone would like a particular Mass intention on a particular day, please ring me as I am saying Mass everyday.




Catholics admitted to Hospitals

It is important when a Catholic is admitted to hospital, the family ensure that the Catholic Chaplaincy is contacted so that appropriate support can be given. As access to the hospital may be restricted, it is suggested that the patient have a note to give to hospital staff on admission notifying staff that they are Catholic and would appreciate the Catholic chaplaincy service. This could be followed up by a telephone call from the family to the ward making the request.


Coronavirus Appeal

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has now spread worldwide, with confirmed cases in several countries where we work. Its spread to countries with poor health systems will be devastating. Our local experts need your support to continue protecting lives.

To Fr David, Fr Abraham, Fr George, Fr Gerry

and Deacons Anthony, Ian, Stephen, and Steve

Easter is a time to give thanks for the new life

given through Christ’s resurrection.

It is also a time to ask God’s blessings for you,

For all you give and all you do.

With Gratitude and Prayers

from your Parishioners.