Coronavirus: Prayer Board: your requests for prayer

Prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy


Saint Thérèse of Lisieux



During this difficult time prayer keeps us close to one another and to God.


We are often asked if we can keep people in our prayers. If you send an email to and title it : 'Prayer intentions' with the name of the person(s) and which category it fits into, we will post your prayer intentions here and anyone visiting this site can remember your loved one in prayer.


We will also include here the Anniversaries of your departed loved ones and those who are sick in our parishes.

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Our NHS staff and also our

hospital Chaplains

Fr. Joe McNerney,Fr. Tom Kleinschmidt omv, Fr. Mark Hogan and Fr. Elijah Fru Nde at Southampton General Hospital.


Fr. Pat Madden and the three FSSP priests Fr. Matthew Goddard, Fr. Seth Phipps and Patrick O’Donohue are on-call to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading.


At the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth are Fr. Daniel Agber and Fr. Rob Stewart


The Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester is served by Fr. Mark Hogan, assisted by Mgr. Tom McGrath and Fr. Elijah Fru Nde


Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital by Fr. Chris Whelan, Fr. Gaston Forbah, Fr. Leonard Onusa, Fr. Christopher Rutledge and Fr. Elijah Fru Nde.


At the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospital is Fr. Darryl Jordan.


These priests are assisted by other clergy locally too, who are either on-call or helping in different ways. Please pray for them all – thankful to God for their generous service. And please pray for all who are dying in our hospitals at this time that they may receive the sacramental assistance of Mother Church in their hour of need.


For those who have died recently


Eternal rest grant onto them O Lord, & let perpetual light shine upon them. Amen.

May they rest in peace and rise in glory.


John Alan Rutter who died this recently        OLMSJ 


Caroline Lee        who died this recently         OLMSJ 


Norah Gates        who died this recently         OLMSJ


Magdalene Smith Waterside parish


John Vidal, Our Lady of the Assumption & Edward the Confessor, died this week.

Brian Choules husband of Pat, OLMSJ. Brian died last week after a long illness. 


Brian Coyne  who died this week.  Our Lady of Lourdes, New Milton but formerly OLMSJ, Lymington. 


Jacob Phillipose, who died recently in Kerala, India.  Please remember Jacob & Suja Binoy and their sons to Albin and Anto (OLMSJ) in your prayers


Robert Griffiths-Jones who was killed in a car accident last week.  Please remember Eileen and their daughters Molly and Simone in your prayers


Paul Scarnell (St Francis) died 9th June in  Southampton General


Eileen Griffiths- (OLMSJ) died 3rd June in Southampton General Hospital


Maureen Kinnon - died 25th May- Paul Kinnon's (St Anne's) mother


Kay (Kathleen) Van Kesteren - died 22nd May-Rini & Keith Stuttaford's (OLMSJ Lymington) sister in law


Wilma  Duluan- died from Covid-19 London


Jeremy Giles- son of Judith Giles (OLMSJ Lymington)


Annette Allars- died 5th May. Linda Guilding's cousin.


Michael Heaps-- died 4th May. Gosport parishioner.


Patricia Mate -- died 30th April- OLMSJ parishioner


June Litton   -Kathryn Fox's (St Francis)  mother


Ronald Philip Kelly (Ron Kelly) -died 20th April-Waterside parishioner & NF Catenian.


James Kitching  -Ellen Turnbull’s (OLMSJ) brother in law


The following parishioners from Totton/Lyndurst parish:

Hilary Kathleen Hartley-Ayres

Mary Raphael Burton

and Michelle Bridgid Morrison.


Eileen Brady R.I.P. Ex parishioner Waterside parish


For the sick


Freda Rochey- Adams, Fr David’ sister in law ,who is very unwell at this time


Tim Guilding seriously ill


Dennis Freemantle St Michael's, Hythe


URGENT PRAYERS PLEASE: for Sr Rosaleen, at St Dominic’s Priory, Sway, unfortunately the cancer has spread. So she very much needs our prayers at this time.

Beatrice Tucker Nicola Kirby’s (OLMSJ) mother.She has been able to return to the residential home. She remains frail but she is aware of those around her.


Louise Layne, Rosalie Mans (St Francis) daughter in Australia, who is suffering from cancer. She has had major surgery 2 days ago, needs to heal before returning to Chemotherapy and Lifestyle changes.


Sharon Hutchins- who is recovering from neck surgery.


Julie Poole, Krysia Masters, Tony Masters, Ed Elcombe, Lynne Parker, Gerry Heneghan, Gerry Manghan, who are recovering from illness, or have on-going illness, at this time.


For all those whose operations and treatments have been postponed because of Coronavirus.


For all those who live with anxiety &/or depression.


For all those who are struggling with the   effects of  Coronavirus, Covid-19:


Father John Chadwick



Private intentions

For all our Key workers that they may have good health & the emotional and physical strength to continue in their work.


All the mother's about to give birth in these more than difficult circumstances- Liane (nee Turner)


Thank you Lord

For the safe arrival of Jade Owens baby, Audelia


Eva : Henrietta’s  Grandchild (St Anne’s) now home.


Baby James Horsley & his mum Abi  both now home and well.


Thank you that the following people are on the road to recovery from Coronavirus Covid-19:

Ruth Irons

Lee Owens

Leanne Poole

Peter Horsley


AUGUST: Anniversaries this week


(OLMSJ) :Patricia Myers, Charles Moverley (9th), Emily Halligan (10th), Julia Otton, Violet Loader, Monique Magdalene James (14th), Samantha Isabelle Cashen (15th)


(St Anne's) : Herminius Bocchese – (Italian P.O.W. Camp Setley (9th), Richard Wallace Last (10th), Canon William Murphy (11th)


(St Francis) :Marjorie Dora McCoy, Mary Beatrice Lister (9th), Margaret Mary King, Rosemary Howard (14th), Stephen Sheridan, Audrey Streatfield (15th)




Sick and Housebound in our parishes


(OLMSJ) : Caite Healy, Beatrice Tucker, Sr Rosaleen, Gerry Heneghan, Anne Nyland, Deacon Anthony Cairns, Johnny Flood, Simone Cluett, Ramona Heath-Saunders, Concetta Losanno, Mai Wilson, Den Walker, Len Harley, Marie Smith,  Tim Guilding


(St Anne's) : Sr Rosaleen, Edelweiss James, Sean Dunn, Linda Reardon and Mary Byrne.


(St Francis) :Sr Rosaleen, Louise Layne, Daphne Jones, Colin Stack, Joan Lloyd, Marjorie Horton, Sarah Bell, Alison Doubleday & Sean McVeigh.


(St Theresa's & Our Lady's) 

Bella Calder, Claire Sorrell, Tony Wright, John Tobin, Christopher Brown, Peggy Crooke, Greg Borkowski, Jay Dosanjh, Clara Nolan, Eve Barry, Ray & Mary Templeman, Chris Phelan, Miss Fahim, Alaric Rosman and MaryTaylor. 


For all those in nursing homes or hospital and other Parish Family members who are ill or need our prayers.



If you’re missing the opportunity to go to church to light a candle and pray for an intention,

here is a beautiful alternative (Courtesy of the S.V.P)

You can now Light a Candle here via this website for any cause of your choice – a loved one, the victims of Covid-19, NHS workers or even yourself. 


Click the red button below which will take you to the page, simply click the button as directed and a flickering candle will appear on the page for your chosen intention. Gradually, over time, it will burn down, just like a real candle, and when it finally goes out you can light a new candle if you wish.


You can light as many candles as you like, and each time you light one you will be invited to make an optional donation which will go towards supporting the SVP’s work to help people in need. It’s up to you whether you make a donation or not and how much you give, but rest assured the money will go to a worthwhile cause.


There is a long tradition in the Christian faith of people lighting candles to symbolise the light of Christ. Lighted candles are reflections of our emotional self and help to illuminate our hearts when we feel burdened.


During the current coronavirus crisis many Christians are missing the opportunity to find peace and serenity in church, praying for their chosen intention and lighting a candle to symbolise that prayer. But now they can find a small place of spiritual calm on the SVP website.

Click the red button below

One of St Teresa of Avila’s most famous teachings is a poem known as “Teresa’s Bookmark” that was found in her own prayer book after her death:


    Let nothing disturb you.

    Let nothing upset you.

    Everything changes.

    God alone is unchanging.

    With patience all things are possible.

    Whoever has God lacks nothing.

    God alone is enough. [2]


I hope Teresa’s words will bring you some comfort in this challenging time.