Over Easter we have parishioners from all our three churches, plus visitors, so OLMSJ church, Joseph's Place and the car park will get very full. We have to follow directives from the Diocese as regards the safety of parishioners and visitors when in our churches, grounds and car parks, so we have Welcomers and Fire Wardens on duty at each service. Car park wardens are also on duty over Easter. To help us keep you safe please note the following below. Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Fr David.

OLMSJ CHURCH: Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday: If the Welcomers tell you the church is full they will direct you to Joseph's place where the services will be televised. You will still be able to take part fully in the Mass and Holy Communion will be distributed.

Our Diocesan Fire Officer has insisted the area at the back of the church be left free as it leads to a fire exit, so please take a seat if one is offered rather than stand here. When the church is very full we do not have space at the back for prams and pushchairs, but they can be left in Joseph's place.

If you are in a wheelchair the Welcomers will direct you to a suitable space.

OLMSJ CAR PARK : Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday: It would help enormously if you could park in the public car park for any of the services over Easter and walk in through the gate at the top of the church car park. We can only accommodate the number of cars for which we have parking spaces and we need some of them for visitors and parishioners who have mobility problems.

PLEASE NOTE: Car park wardens will be on duty, but should you arrive and there is a 'Car park full' sign at the church gate - irrespective of whether the gate is half or fully open- please park in another car park as the church car park is full. You must not park in the central area between cars or outside the church buildings.

EVACUATION: Should the buildings need to be evacuated the Fire Wardens will wear fluorescent jackets and will guide you out of the buildings to the Muster point.