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New Formation For Mission Course

Back2Basics - The Mass

This coming January, I invite you to join us for 6 sessions to refresh our understanding and deepen our love for the Mass. After lockdown, some of our friends and family, and even ourselves, may find it difficult to return to the sacramental practice of our faith. Taking time to discover or rediscover what we believe in our faith, how this is celebrated in the Mass, and how we are called to live it may be just what we need at the beginning of the year, to re-ignite our love for the Mass and find the words to encourage others to practice. Each session will end with a time of prayer. This course will be led by Sr Hyacinthe and Angela Wood.

This course will be especially helpful to catechists, readers and parents of First Holy Communion children, but it is open to everyone.

It will be taking place on Monday evenings from 7 to 9 pm, from the 11th January to the 15th February.

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You can find many daily Masses from different Catholic parishes available on the internet. Go to;;


Below are direct links to Masses each day from

-Our Lady of Lourdes, New Milton-Fr George

-Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Westminster

-Bishop Philip from his chapel

-Portsmouth cathedral

-Our Lady & St Edmund, Abingdon - Fr Jamie Mc Grath

-Fr Denis McBride C. Ss. R. (Redemptorists.Sunday Mass repeated)

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Our Lady of Lourdes, NEW MILTON

Fr. George will say Mass at the following times: 

DAILY PROGRAMME - see newsletter for up to date information

No weekday Mass

Sunday Mass 8 am &10am  

Weather permitting- outdoor Mass 4pm Sunday    

   Just to remind you all, our Parish Live Streaming can be found by clicking the red button below. 

Please visit the Our Lady of Lourdes webpage if you would llike to donate to the cost of Live Streaming. 


Live Stream Mass from



Mass and other liturgies live streamed from Westminster Cathedral are now available to watch at the following times:



10.30am Mass

4.30pm Solemn Vespers and Benediction

5.30pm Mass


Monday to Saturday

9am Mass

12pm Holy Hour

5.30pm Mass


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Every Weekday morning BISHOP PHILIP EGAN will be live-streaming from his private chapel usually at the following times:

7.30am Eucharistic Adoration

8.10am Morning Prayer of the Church, with Benediction

8.30am Holy Mass

The liturgies will be simple. I will endeavour to offer a short message, inspired by the daily Readings. The Readings and Collects of the Mass and the texts for Morning Prayer can be found in Universalis and i-Breviary. At the Mass, you are invited to make a Spiritual Communion. (Bishop Philip)

The Readings and Collects of the Mass and the texts for Morning Prayer can be found in Universalis and i-Breviary. At the Mass, you are invited to make a Spiritual Communion. 

        Please click the red button directly below.​

Click the red button below for live streaming of the Mass from ST JOHN'S CATHEDRAL, PORTSMOUTH

This takes you to the website then click ‘Live Mass’

Times for live streaming of Mass from St John’s Cathedral, Portsmouth for this week:

Saturday                        Vigil Mass at 6pm               

Sunday                           Mass in Extra Ordinary Form 8am  Sunday                           Mass at 10am                      Sunday                           Mass at 12noon                    Sunday                           Mass at 6pm

Monday                            Mass at 12.15pm

Tuesday                           Mass at 12.15pm

Wednesday                      Mass at 12.15pm

Thursday                          Mass at 12.15pm

Friday                               Mass at 12.15pm

Saturday                          Mass at 12.15pm                      Saturday                                Vigil Mass 6pm         

Click the red button below for live Streaming of the Mass from OUR LADY & ST EDMUND CATHOLIC CHURCH,        ABINGDON.

Fr Jamie McGrath was once PP at Lymington.

Mass times, which can only be viewed on our live streaming, will be as follows:        

Monday                           9.00am                                                                                       Mass in Polish at 3.00pm 

Wednesday                    7.00pm

Thursday                        9.30am

Friday                             7.00pm

Saturday                         9.00am

Sunday                           10.15am                               Sunday                           3.00pm    Mass in Polish 

Some people are calling in to say that they can't hear any sound on the live stream - please remember to turn up the volume on your device (laptop, PC, tablet, etc)!

If you follow and take part in the Mass on our live streaming, you will be able to receive "spiritual Communion".

Fr Jamie Mc Grath

Click the red button  below for streaming of the Sunday Mass:

Fr Denis McBride C.Ss.R. (REDEMPTORISTS)