News from Our Lady of Mercy & St Joseph, Lymington!



from 16th August until 28th August excluding Wed 22nd Aug when it will be closed.

the Paul Duffy Room will be used exclusively for an Art Exhibition.

The Exhibition will be open from 10am -4.30pm   



EXAM RESULTS: For those of our young parishioners who have just received exam results or are just about to receive them, remember that our prayers are with you now.

For those who feel they could have done a little better, take heart from the life and words of Sir John Lubbock.

Sir John Lubbock was a wise and tender hearted man whose works and ideas have had profound effects on education through his scientific discoveries and through the textbooks that he wrote.

He was also keen to challenge people to better themselves and to help shape a better society. His words of advice to you right now would be to remember:

“Those who have not distinguished themselves at school need not on that account be discouraged. The greatest minds do not necessarily ripen the quickest.”



August is traditionally the month for weddings, but it’s also a good time for us all to give our relationships a ‘spring clean’. Marriage Care UK tell us families are often physically together but they are not really focused or paying attention to each other. Research in recent years has shown that the average person can spend up to 8 hours and 41 minutes on electronic devices and that we spend more time with our phones than our partners! The August ‘Marriage Care’ challenge is to leave the mobile devices at home and go out for the weekend. Visit for ideas.

Friendship Club: FRIENDSHIP CLUB: Unfortunately the outing planned for 20th August has had to be cancelled for lack of a minibus driver.

Next meeting:

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