News from Our Lady of Lourdes




Enquiries please via the parish office.


You can email                          


or phone during office hours              01425 614968


The cost to hire the hall is currently £13.50 per hour.




For enquiries about Baptisms please contact the office for a form.

Parish office: 01425 614968

Infant Baptisms are on 1st Sunday of the month.

Certification Copies of Baptisms £5 admin charge



For funerals please discuss dates first with the Funeral Directors and

then contact the Parish Priest, Father George Ngwa, to discuss the Requiem Mass/service.  Parish office: 01425 614968



Enquiries about weddings please email the office with your details

Check the Liturgy office for England and Wales to help you

with planning your wedding-



WELCOME to all holidaymakers and visitors.

If you wish to know more about Our Lady of Lourdes church please contact

the parish office     Tel: 01425 614968


Mass times: Please refer to newsletter.