News from Our Lady of Lourdes

Dedication of England as Mary’s Dowry: With the support of the Bishop’s Conference, every Catholic in England is being invited to participate in the public rededication of our country to the Blessed Virgin Mary as Mary’s Dowry. This will be by a solemn act on Sunday 29th March 2020, the Fifth Sunday of Lent, the Sunday nearest to the Solemnity of the Annunciation. In preparation for this, everyone is encouraged on each of the three days leading up to 29th March to recite once a day a special form of the Angelus. These will be available in the parish on the weekend 21st/22nd March.

WELCOME to all holidaymakers and visitors.

If you wish to know more about Our Lady of Lourdes church please contact the parish office     Tel: 01425 614968

Mass times: Please refer to newsletter.


If you, or a family member, are going into hospital, please let your priest, Fr George, know first in case you/they require ‘Anointing of the Sick’ before being admitted.

If you are going into Lymington hospital, or a family member in hospital requests a priest, please contact Fr George.

If you are going into Southampton General or Princess Anne hospital:

Father Joe McNerney is the new R.C. Hospital Chaplain.

Father Joe comes from Portsmouth where he was Hospital Chaplain at Queen Alexander hospital and Parish Priest in the area.

In his role at Southampton General Hospital he is part of the Chaplaincy Team with particular responsibility for Catholic Patients.

The Catholic Chaplain is no longer automatically told there are Catholics on the ward, so you must request a visit.

The Chaplaincy Centre


For non-urgent requests, ring 023 8120 8517. If no one is available to take your call, please leave a message on the answerphone stating your name, the ward you are on and that you are a Catholic. They will try to respond to your request within 24 hours unless otherwise negotiated with you.

Urgent requests are usually only referred by staff, and these are made via the switchboard. They will need to ask the operator to page the Catholic duty chaplain.


The Chaplaincy Centre, D level, Centre Block, Southampton General Hospital





Enquiries please via the parish office.


You can email                          


or phone during office hours              01425 614968


The cost to hire the hall is currently £13.50 per hour.




For enquiries about Baptisms please contact the office for a form.

Parish office: 01425 614968

Infant Baptisms are on 1st Sunday of the month.

Certification Copies of Baptisms £5 admin charge



For funerals please discuss dates first with the Funeral Directors and

then contact the Parish Priest, Father George Ngwa, to discuss the Requiem Mass/service.  Parish office: 01425 614968



Enquiries about weddings please email the office with your details

Check the Liturgy office for England and Wales to help you

with planning your wedding-