Coronavirus Risk Assessment: Our Lady of Mercy & St Joseph,Lymington, for opening the church.

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After much careful thought, reading the information from the Bishops of England and Wales, the Catholic Insurance Service, discussion with fellow priests and our Health & Safety Co-Ordinator, I have decided to implement the following to try to minimise the risks. Fr David

Entering & leaving the building

Avoid bunching up on entering and leaving the buildings. Try to keep to the 2m distance where you can.

Test and Trace. 

We no longer have a booking system or Stewards on duty to monitor who is present in church for Test and Trace.

 If you have a Smartphone, and have the NHS Covid app, please scan the QR code on the church door. 


I have installed a hands-free sanitizing station in all 3 churches. 

May I ask you to use it on entering the building -and leaving if you wish.


I strongly encourage people to wear masks in the churches to minimise airborne viruses.

Remember we have been told that we wear a mask to protect others from any droplets we may shed. 

Therefore, if we are wearing our mask in close proximity to others, we are protecting them.

If we don’t wear our mask in close proximity to others, we are not protecting them.


Try your best to keep the number of people in a pew to 4 and try to keep a bit of distance between you if possible.


We will not be singing yet. The science tells us that singing is a way of transmitting the virus. 

Indeed, the absence of masks has spread the virus among some cantors and choirs in parishes in our Diocese. 

There will be more music at Mass. 

Hymn books will not be available.


I will ask Readers who wear their mask in the building to remove it to read, but  to put the mask back on when sitting back in their pew. 


I will not need Altar Servers for the time being.

The sign of Peace

The physical Sign of Peace will remain suspended as it is not an integral part of the Mass, and its omission will help to reduce physical contact between people.

Holy Communion

The Bishops of England and Wales have instructed priests to distribute Holy Communion under one kind, in the hand, and to wear a mask when distributing Holy Communion.

Ministers of Holy Communion will not be required at this time.

Distribution of Holy Communion

Holy Communion will no longer be distributed to you in your seat.

You will be required to come to Holy Communion 1 pew at a time. 

The people in the pew must return to their seats before the next pew moves. This will take longer, but will stop queues of people standing close to others.

Children’s Liturgy

This will be resumed in September/October if conditions allow. 

Votive candles

Votive candles will be available, but one person at a time to be at the candle stand.


Windows and doors will be open for ventilation. You may have to wrap up warm on chilly days!

Refreshments after Mass

This will be reviewed in September. 


Toilets will be open, but please be aware Stewards will no longer be available to clean the toilets after Mass. Anti bac wipes will be available if needed.


Paper copies of the newsletter will not be available for the time being. The Readings will continue to be emailed out with the newsletter.

You may have your readings on your phone/Tablet. There is an app available at a token cost (Universalis) which gives the whole Liturgy for the day. Or may I encourage you to have your own Missal. The Redemptorists Sunday Missal is now available from their on-line bookshop at £5.

Offertory Processions

These will remain suspended.

Collection Basket:

This will be, as now, at the back of the church. It will not be passed around. If you want to make a cash contribution, please do so as you come in. Can I encourage everyone who has not yet done so to take out a standing order in favour of their parish. This can be gift aided if you are a UK taxpayer. The less cash we have to handle the better. If you want to set up a bank transfer facility on your smart phone enquire at the parish office for the details.



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