Coronavirus Risk assessment:Waterside Catholic parish: St Michael's, Hythe &  St Bernard's, Holbury,  for opening the church

Risk assessment: Waterside Catholic parish


1. I follow the lone working guidelines.

2. All taps, toilet  all checked.

3. Certificates   - PAT test just expired contacted electrician and waiting for his date, same with fire extinguisher and Gas.

4. Health and safety walk around with all the three of us and me alone have done. Emergency lighting is working as recently done. Fire extinguisher looks good serviced and changed powder etc last year annual check is due.

5.Social distancing signage everywhere in church, entry, exit. Notices on noticeboards. Weekday mass door left open and window, seating area marked, pews closed out with tape, ribbon etc.

6. No other services on the same day as weekday Mass.

Only one mass at 9 a.m.

For cleaners mask and gloves are there.

Not used as have only 5-6 people for mass and no Sunday mass.

Private programmes like baptism, we ask the party to deep clean and Provide list for trace and track, to provide 2 stewards and 2 cleaners and instruct them. Cleaning Materials available. The cleaner asked to take away contaminated waste.

7. We have a baptism booked and told them to check signs like temperature etc of attendees.

8. Two stewards throughout for private services like baptism, advised about sanitising hands, social distancing, one in, one out instruction given. Cold, flu symptoms are asked not to come.

9. Noticeboard - capacity, instruction to participants, stewards, and cleaners. Beginning of service instruction as well.

10. No candles or votive candles, removed. Only candle at altar is put out by priest.

11. As it stands very negligible risk of damage, injury.

12. Likelihood of risk is very unlikely.


Fr Abraham