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YOUTH SUNDAY: 25th Nov from 5pm until 9pm at St John’s Cathedral, Bishop Crispian Way, Portsmouth, PO1 3HQ; for 16-35yr olds only; cost: - £5.50 - £6.50. A gathering for young adults and students from across the Diocese to celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. Theme of the talks: “Witnessing to non-Catholics” & sustaining your faith through the university to workplace transition, and what it's like stepping out of a close-knit Cathsoc into the secular city culture. Holy Hour and Confessions will begin at 5pm in the Cathedral. 6pm Mass will be followed by food, a welcome address from Bishop Philip and the two talks. We look forward to seeing you!

Retreats 2018

The Annual Publication of the Retreat Association

Going on a retreat is a must for anyone who feels they need to find new energy and focus. Getting away from it all can bring a different perspective to your life and encourage you to make time for the things you love. The Retreat Handbook amongst other things contains information and programmes for over 230 Christian retreat centres in the UK and beyond. For more information click the button below.

International Walk to School Month

Did you know that driving the average school run for a year costs over £400?

Walking is healthy, green, fun and free.  Yet today, less than half of all primary school children walk to school, and our obesity, pollution and congestion levels are rising. October is 'International Walk To School Month', so aim to get up a little earlier while the mornings are still warm, and get out into the fresh air.