News from St Bernard's & St Michael's: Waterside Catholic parish!

EXAM RESULTS: For those of our young parishioners who have just received exam results or are just about to receive them, remember that our prayers are with you now. For those who feel they could have done a little better, take heart from the life and words of Sir John Lubbock. Sir John Lubbock was a wise and tender hearted man whose works and ideas have had profound effects on education through his scientific discoveries and through the textbooks that he wrote. He was also keen to challenge people to better themselves and to help shape a better society. His words of advice to you right now would be to remember:

“Those who have not distinguished themselves at school need not on that account be discouraged. The greatest minds do not necessarily ripen the quickest.”

Dear Friends,

I have been visiting Fr. Rajesh Abraham and Waterside parish this last weekend, with its two churches St. Bernard’s Holbury and St. Michael’s Hythe. Waterside is on the other side of the estuary by Southampton, adjoining the New Forest. Assisting Fr. Abraham there are two valiant parish deacons, Deacon Steven Bowler and Deacon Ian Tobin. It was a most joyful time and a great opportunity to meet the parishioners. (Bishop Philip)




Apostleship of the Sea/Stella Maris

at St. Bernard’s, Holbury.

The Apostleship of the Sea and Caritas are organising a Drop-in centre in St. Bernard’s to provide a welcoming place to Seafarers from Fawley.

It will be open to Seafarers on Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings from 6-9.30 pm.