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Pope Francis

“We know how difficult it is to love as our Lord commands us, and how often our love can be tainted by self-interest. It is important to remember that love – charity – is a grace, the fruit of our saving encounter with God’s own love. Saint Paul reminds us that the Lord’s grace forgives our sins, heals our hearts and enables us to become channels of his own unconditional love. Our efforts to love our brothers and sisters with a pure and disinterested love are really our response to the love we have been shown in Christ.

Pope Francis                                                                                                                         General Audience St Peter’s Square  15 March 2017 (extract)


   Joy of the Gospel                Love in the Family

“We know well that with Jesus life becomes richer and that with him it is easier to find meaning in everything.  This is why we evangelize.  A true missionary, who never ceases to be a disciple, knows that Jesus walks with him, speaks to him, breathes with him, works with him.”

Pope Francis        Apostolic Exhortation  November 2013   Paragraph 266 (Extract)

“Parents must not be abandoned or ignored, but marriage itself demands that they be “left”, so that the new home will be a true hearth, a place of security, hope and future plans, and the couple can truly become ‘one flesh’.”

Pope Francis         Apostolic Exhortation  March 2016 Paragraph 187 (extract)

   Care of our Common Home

“… it is essential to show special care for indigenous communities and their cultural traditions. They are not merely one minority among others, but should be the principal dialogue partners, especially when large projects affecting their land are proposed. For them, land is not a commodity but rather a gift from God and from their ancestors who rest there, a sacred space with which they need to interact if they are to maintain their identity and values. "                                                             Pope Francis   Encyclical   May 2015   Paragraph 146 (extract)