Pope Francis

Pope Francis’s Prayer Intention for February 2024

For the Terminally ill

For the very sick or dying, there may be feelings of helplessness, confusion, anger, regret or fear. But for the Christian, the love of Jesus Christ can help to make sense of suffering, and give hope, comfort, peace and spiritual support. The Bible describes Jesus reaching out to the sick with compassion and tenderness: holding them, comforting them, offering them forgiveness and healing. We are taught that dying well is as important as living well. No one is forgotten by God.

This month we are invited to join in Pope Francis’ prayer intention

 “…that the sick who are in the final stages of life, and their families, receive the necessary medical and human care and accompaniment.”


Pope Francis’ Monthly Prayer intention January 2024

For The Gift Of Diversity In The Church

Do you ever feel stuck in a rut?

Do you ever feel that you are doing things in the same way day in and day out?

In his prayer intention for January, Pope Francis urges us to open our eyes to different ways of doing things and in particular, different ways to worship. We can resist diversity if we feel that our own ways are the most comfortable. Yet sticking in our comfort zone can easily leave us stuck in a rut.

This month, Pope Francis invites us to join in his prayer intention, “… that the Holy Spirit helps us recognize the gift of different charisms within the Christian community, and to discover the richness of different ritual traditions in the heart of the Catholic Church.”


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