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Pope Francis

Peace must be built on justice, on integral human development, on respect for human rights, on the protection of creation."  Tweet 20 May


"... promoting integral human development demands dialogue and engagement with people’s needs and aspirations, listening to the poor and their daily experience of “multidimensional, overlapping deprivations”, and devising specific responses to concrete situations.”

Speech  Conference in Rome 20 May 2017

   Joy of the Gospel                Love in the Family

“My mission of being in the heart of the people is not just a part of my life or a badge I can take off; it is not an “extra” or just another moment in life.  Instead, it is something I cannot uproot from my being without destroying my very self.  I am a mission on this earth; that is the reason why I am here in this world.  We have to regard ourselves as sealed, even branded, by this mission of bringing light, blessing, enlivening, raising up, healing and freeing.”       Pope Francis                                         Apostolic Exhortation                   November 2013   Paragraph 273 (extract)

“The lack of historical memory is a serious shortcoming in our society.  A mentality that can only say, “Then was then, now is now”, is ultimately immature.  Knowing and judging past events is the only way to build a meaningful future.  Memory is necessary for growth: “Recall the former days” (Heb 10:32).  Listening to the elderly tell their stories is good for children and young people; it makes them feel connected to the living history of their families, their neighborhoods and their country”                                                      Pope Francis                                       Apostolic Exhortation                              March 2016 Paragraph 193 (extract)

   Care of our Common Home

“The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro …. proclaimed that “human beings are at the centre of concerns for sustainable development”. Echoing the 1972 Stockholm Declaration, it enshrined international cooperation to care for the ecosystem of the entire earth, the obligation of those who cause pollution to assume its costs, and the duty to assess the environmental impact of given projects and works. It set the goal of limiting greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere …., drew up an agenda with an action plan and a convention on biodiversity, and stated principles regarding forests. Although the summit was a real step forward, and prophetic for its time, its accords have been poorly implemented …The principles which it proclaimed still await an efficient and flexible means of practical implementation.”                         Pope Francis   Encyclical   May 2015   Paragraph 167 (extract)