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Welcome to the 1st Sunday in Lent. 18th February 2024

During Lent instead of the usual Gospel reflection we shall be reflecting on the key characters of the journey from Genesis to Jesus. Today we look at Noah who features in the First reading today. In the coming weeks we shall look at Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus himself in his journey to the cross and his new covenant with all humankind.



Light of Truth: February 2024

Welcome to the February 2024 newsletter for Light of Truth, an apostolate of the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph. Below you will find details of our upcoming courses and events, both online and in-person.

Thank you!

As we look back on 2023, we are filled with gratitude for all the people who have attended our courses and supported us both financially and spiritually. Please know that we are so grateful for all the support we have received from our Light of Truth friends.

You can find out more about what your support made possible in 2023 in the video below.

Online Lenten Retreat: Transformed by Love

A Lenten retreat in 6 online sessions, contemplating God's grace at work in the lives of 6 different people, using Scripture and artwork.

Description A Lenten retreat in 6 online sessions, contemplating God's grace at work in the lives of 6 persons, through scripture and artworks.

Date & Time: Tuesdays

Feb 20, 2024 07:30 PM

Feb 27, 2024 07:30 PM

Mar 5, 2024 07:30 PM

Mar 12, 2024 07:30 PM

Register here:

Coming up this month


Heavenly Help for Catechists

Training for Children's Liturgy of the Word

Online workshop, Saturday 24th February, 9.30am-12pm.

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3rd September 2023

There will be a Diocesan Day for Catechists taking place in Winchester parish hall, from 10 am to 4 pm, on Saturday the 30th of September, led by the Dominican Sisters from Lymington.

It will be a great opportunity to make contacts and support each other in the ministry of catechesis and give thanks for all diocesan catechists.

As part of the day, we will explore:

The vocation of the catechist – refreshing our understanding of our mission, but also an opportunity to discover it for those who are beginning or discerning whether this ministry is for them.

The integration of catechesis within the parish and the home – How can catechesis be more at the heart of parish faith and life, and not just a seasonal activity for outsiders? How can we reach parents and help them to find a spiritual home in the parish?

The formation of catechists – what is on offer for accessible formation?

The preparation of a catechetical session – essential principles to bear in mind for all catechesis and practical advice and tips.

There will be times for discussion, but also to network, not just among catechists engaged in the same ministries across the diocese, but also among catechists of the same pastoral areas/proximate geographical location.

Here is the registration link: - a packed lunch is needed.

Thank you, and God bless,

Sr Hyacinthe, OP

Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth A registered charity number 1199568


Today We begin Holy Week. As we draw closer to Holy Week let’s take a moment to stop and reflect upon our Lenten journeys. The crowd symbolizes both praise and denial. This is because, the same crowd singing “hosanna” today, soon will shout, “crucify him!”

The events of Holy Week invite us to reflect on our own commitment tofollowing Jesus’ example of love, humility, and selflessness. God bless.


LIGHT OF TRUTH NEWSLETTER: from the Dominican Sisters at Sway: the newsletter containing information on their catechetical courses and lay formation can be accessed with this link: Light of Truth: March 2023 (



Happy mother’s day!

Here is today's reflection on our journey with the blind man whom Jesus healed. Lord clear us from our spiritual blindness that we may see the Lord in all his glory.

God Bless

Sr Veronica OP.


 This week we meditate on the beautiful story of the woman at the Well. Jesus patiently engages with the woman bringing her from the threshold of curiosity to believing in the Messiah in whose presence she sat.

God Bless,

 Sr Veronica OP


LIGHT OF TRUTH NEWSLETTER: From the Dominican Sisters at Sway: the newsletter containing information on their catechetical courses and lay formation can be accessed with this link: Light of Truth: March 2023


FROM SR VERONICA 5th March: Today we remember the Transfiguration of Jesus where he shares a vision of his glory to restore their faith as they prepare

for his Passion and death. Let us treasure this moment and look forward to a future of hope and not despair. God Bless


Sr Veronica OP


 February 5th


FROM SR VERONICA: .Today we are called to imitate Christ and become shining lights to the world. We also give a fulsome flavour to our beliefs and convictions by being like salt which brings flavour and wholeness to whatever we eat.


God Bless Sr Veronica OP


FROM THE DOMINICAN SISTERS AT SWAY: their course on Reconciliation/Confession starting on 28th February each Tuesday during Lent

There is also a one off session on

Friday 10th March






29th January 2023


1. Communication Course:  ‘Sending word, sharing the Word’:  3 online sessions to help you communicate with confidence today and every day.


From parish newsletters to the pulpit, this course will give you the ability to communicate with confidence. Our communications expert will show you tools and techniques that are easy to learn and practical to use.


Here are the details:


2. if you’re looking for a focus for Lent, the Dominican Sisters are running 6  online sessions explaining the sacrament of Reconciliation to adults through scripture and art, which will also serve as a Lenten retreat, every Tuesday evening during Lent. The details are here:


3. Finally, to mark the 60th anniversary of Vatican II Council, the Dominican Sisters are launching a new monthly course to introduce the Council documents in a simple way, for everyone:


All our courses are free. Donations are welcome!


To find out more about everything we’re currently offering click here:  Wishing you every blessing, Sr Hyacinthe

22nd January 2023


 Welcome to this week's reflection.

Today we reflect on those Apostles chosen by Jesus to be his special envoys to bring the Good News to the world. For those who are interested I highly recommend the series online "The Chosen" and have included a link to the series



God Bless Sr Veronica OP

FROM SR VERONICA 15th January 2023


This week John the Baptist is pointing us toward

Jesus the Lamb of God the one we should follow we want to find the Father

God Bless

Sr Veronica OP


27th November

Welcome to this first sunday of Advent as we prepare for

the coming of Christ at Christmas


Have you thought of how you might help people to prepare in coming weeks to grow into a relationship with Christ?

I was sent the following suggestions this week, they might help you too!


- Rather than: "Advent is a time for preparation for the birth of Jesus not for parties and shopping!"


- Try this! "I see you're getting ready for Christmas ,how do you celebrate and what does that mean for you?"


- Rather than: "If you only come to mass once a year, it doesn't mean anything to you."


- Try this! "You go to mass at Christmas! That's lovely! Where do you go and what is it like for you?"


- Rather than: "It's not all about presents and food! It is about the birth of Jesus!"


- Try this! "What does Christmas mean for you? What is good and beautiful about it for you?"


  Try them out with friends and colleagues (even strangers!) and see what replies you get. You may be surprised.


God Bless Sr Veronica OP


November 20th


Welcome to this last Sunday of Ordinary time, the feast of Christ the KIng. Christ is a Shepherd KIng who treats us as his brothers and sisters. He allows us to enter into his Kingly position by encouraging us to become servants of the people of His Kingdom. We

take up that role with honour and pride but also with great




 Welcome to this week's reflection. As we approach the end of this Liturgical Year we are reminded of the end times to come. We are reminded of our true destiny of eternal life if we persevere in trying to live a life of holiness

httpParishioners, s://



God Bless. Sr Veronica OP


15th-19th August 2022

for ages 11-21yrs.

At St Dominic’s Priory.



RELICS OF ST BERNADETTE – at Portsmouth Cathedral on 8/9 Sept.

The Dominican Sisters at Sway are thinking of going and will have one or two places in their minibus. If there were a significant number of people they may think about hiring a coach. Contact the Sisters if you are interested.

Tel: 01590-681874; email:




Dear friends,


It has been a joy and a privilege for us Dominican Sisters to be part of the Formation for Mission Team for almost 10 years, at the service of our diocese.


Working in the Formation for Mission Team has allowed us to meet so many people across our diocese of Portsmouth: amazing priests and deacons, devoted and enthusiastic catechists, dedicated parents and grandparents, parishioners from all walks of life eager for formation, parish readers passionate about proclaiming the Word of God…We have made so many friends!


We are profoundly grateful to Bishop Philip and Fr Mark Hogan for trusting us to do this wonderful work of sharing the treasure of the Gospel with so many, on-site and online. We also give thanks to God for the outstanding lay Catholics who have worked with us selflessly in the last few years as members of the FFM team and have become such close friends to us.


After much prayer and discernment, we have now decided to continue our work of formation in a different way, not as part of the diocesan Formation for Mission Team, but simply as ‘the Dominican Sisters.’ This will allow us to make our apostolate more accessible to people and parishes beyond the boundaries of the diocese, while keeping close connection with our own diocese, cooperating with the diocesan teams and offering short courses and formation opportunities to parishes, schools and individuals, on-site and online, and much more!


Our partnership with the diocese will continue with the Diocesan Day for Catechists, which we will host with Fr Mark Hogan on the 8th of October 2022 in Winchester, where the plans for the future of the diocesan Formation for Mission Team will be presented.


>From September 2022, therefore, you can find our new apostolate of faith formation here:


 Giving praise and thanks to God, we ask for your prayers as we start on our new path.


Sr Hyacinthe and the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph


Leading 'Life in Spirit' in your parish

Over 150 people joined in the online Life in the Spirit seminars last summer – they were from many parishes across the diocese and beyond.  Under the power of the Holy Spirit many now wish to work in parishes to present Life in the Spirit locally.  We invite those who have experienced Life in the Spirit or similar, and priests and religious, to join us in a training webinar so that you will be able to present Life in the Spirit in your parish or area. Please enquire using the form

The training will be led by Paul & Annette O’Beirne and Deirdre & Russ Fairman.This online webinar will take place on the 17th May from 7.00 to 9.00 pm.

Training for 'Come, follow me' Catechesis

Training for parents and catechists who want to explore how to hand on the faith to children.

The event will train participants in using the Come Follow Me approach which helps children not just to learn about Jesus but to be form a relationship with Him in prayer. this approach is used in the First Holy Communion resource, I want to make my Home in You. We are really blessed in having Anne-Marie Le Bouhis and Emmanuelle Bonhomme leading this session. Anne-Marie is a member of the International Catechetical Commission and co-wrote this programme. Anne-Marie and Emmanuelle travel worldwide offering training to catechists and parents wanting to use it. 

Friday 27 May 2022, 18:00 – Saturday, 28 May 2022, 16:30

The timetable is

Friday 27 May 6pm Dinner

7-9pm First session


Saturday 28 May 9:30 Mass

10:15-12:30 Second session

12:30-:13:30 Lunch

13:30-16:30 Third session


There is no charge to participants but donations are welcome. We will provide dinner on the Friday and lunch on the Saturday. Please let us know of any dietary requirements. If you need accommodation please let us know.


Day for Catechists - Save the Date!

We are inviting all Diocesan Catechists and Children's Liturgy helpers and leaders to join us for a fantastic day of thanksgiving, formation and fellowship on the 8th October 2022 in Winchester Pastoral Centre (St Peter and the Winchester Martyrs), with Fr Mark Hogan. It will be a true joy to meet again 'for real' after the long Covid years! Please book the date. We look forward to seeing you then! More details to come soon...


From Sr Veronica 17th April 2022

Wishing everyone a Blessed and Holy Easter Sunday as we give thanks to the Risen Lord.For a change we decided to go out into the garden to film this reflection so you have the added effect of the noises of nature in the background (especially the neighing horses and the birds chirping)

God Bless Sr Veronica OP



What is baptism and what does it do?

If you have been baptised as a child, you have received then the most amazing gift: God's own divine life, without being able to understand it all at the time. After Easter, we are offering a 6 weeks course to revisit the sacrament of baptism. This course is open to everyone who wants to know more about the essence of Christianity, what it means to be baptised and how to understand and live God's gift of grace given to us in baptism. This online course will take place on Tuesday evenings from 7.00 to 8.30 pm, from the 26th April to the 31st May. Register here:



Where is the Holy Spirit in my life?

In the midst of the various challenges of life, we can feel overwhelmed and alone, with a sense of isolation and lack of direction. Yet we are never alone! In a 6 sessions course, we are going to reflect together on the sacrament of confirmation and on the action of the Holy Spirit in our life. The Holy Spirit is our constant companion, the giver of all the gifts necessary to our life with God and with each other as we grow in holiness and charity each day. Join us to discover who He is and what He does for us. This online course will take place on Thursday evenings from 7.00 to 8.30 pm, from the 28th

April to the 2nd June. Register here: tZUuceyoqTwjH9cWyP-c-_Vchh-lJrNdNFGI


Online Workshops for readers with 1:1 practice

Our Team is currently offering a couple of online workshops for parish readers. Workshop 1 offers a general and brief introduction to the Liturgy of the Church and a more specific overview of the Liturgy of the Word at Mass, as well as an overview of the practical skills required for reading in church.

Workshop 2 offers a general introduction to the Bible and a group study of a specific reading, using the 4 senses of Scripture, to equip parish readers so as to prepare and understand the depth of the texts they read. A diocesan certificate is awarded on completion of the two workshops and of a reading practice with a diocesan listener. The workshops will take place on Saturdays 18th and 25th June, from 10am to 1pm. Find out more details and

register here:

FROM SR VERONICA 10th April 2022

 Welcome to Palm Sunday and the beginning of this

Great Holy Week. Today we experience the kingship of Jesus as he rode

in triumph into Jerusalem ready to face his coming death and


God Bless you all.



St Dominic’s Sway

Triduum Liturgy Schedule

Maundy Thursday
17:00: Rosary

Good Friday
08:00: Office of Readings and Morning Prayer
12:40: Midday Prayer
20:00: Compline

Holy Saturday
08:00: Office of Readings and Morning Prayer
12:00: Midday Prayer
16:00: Evening Prayer

Easter Sunday
08:00: Morning Prayer
12:45: Midday Prayer


On Sundays, our Mass is always offered for friends, family and benefactors of the community, both living and dead. If you wish to have a weekday Mass offered for you or somebody you know, please contact us.




From Sister Veronica 3rd April 2022

This week we come across the story of the adulterous woman. Here we see the richness of God's mercy and his desire to forgive.

I had some wonderful news after seeing the surgeon on Friday. The biopsy done on the various tumours removed contained no cancer, which surprised the doctor somewhat. He concluded that the chemo must have zapped it prior to surgery, I suggested that a higher power zapped it through so much prayer!

You will never know how powerful prayer can be. I certainly can testify to this. So once again thank you for your dedication to prayer

God Bless Sr Veronica OP

FROM SR VERONICA: 27th March 2022

Wishing all Mums a happy Mothers Day! This week we rejoice in the loving mercy of God our Father. We hear the wonderful story of the Prodigal Son. It is comforting to know that the Father is always ready to welcome us home however badly we mess things up by our sinful ways.


I am getting stronger each day and feel more comfortable without 40 staples holding me together!



20th March 2022

Dear friends,

We are now in the third week of Lent, and the darkness of the world's current events seems overwhelming. During the great Easter Vigil which will take place after the desolation of Good Friday, the light of Christ will be shining in our parishes, driving out the darkness of sin and death and proclaiming hope undefeated. In these days of Lent, we are preparing to celebrate Christ's resurrection, the victory of life over death!

I invite you to take some time after Easter to ponder together the victory of God in Jesus, the victory of light over darkness in our own lives, through a couple of courses our team will be offering, which you can discover below.  

What is baptism and what does it do?

If like me, you have been baptised as a child, you have received then the most amazing gift: God's own divine life, without being able to understand it all at the time. After Easter, we are offering a 6 weeks course to revisit the sacrament of baptism, which is the foundation of our Christian life and faith. This course is open to everyone who wants to know more about the essence of Christianity, what it means to be baptised and how to understand and live God's gift of grace given to us in baptism.

This online course will take place on Tuesday evenings from 7.00 to 8.30 pm, from the 26th April to the 31st May.

Where is the Holy Spirit in my life?

In the midst of the various challenges of life, we can feel overwhelmed and alone, with a sense of isolation and lack of direction. This feeling, however, cannot correspond to the reality of our baptism, sealed by God with the sacrament of confirmation. We are never alone! In a 6 sessions course, we are going to reflect together on the sacrament of confirmation and on the action of the Holy Spirit in our life. The Holy Spirit is our constant companion, the giver of all the gifts necessary to our life with God and with each other as we grow in holiness and charity each day. Join us to discover who He is and what He does for us.

This online course will take place on Thursday evenings from 7.00 to 8.30 pm, from the 28th April to the 2nd June.


Little Bits of God

Check the wonderful artwork created by artist Pete Codling, 'Little Bits of God' to mark the 1600 anniversary of St Jerome's death and the gift of the Bible, as part of the God who Speaks campaign.

As you may recognise from the picture, this great piece of art is currently showcased in our own Cathedral in Portsmouth!

Other Courses from our FFM Team

Introduction to Liturgy of the Word for children

3 sessions to equip adults who lead and help with the Children's Liturgy of the Word in their parish. The sessions cover the essential principles of Children's Liturgy, the practical considerations as well as the best resources available. The course is open to seasoned and new volunteers for Children's Liturgy. Tuesdays 29th March, 5th April and 12th April, 7.30 to 9.00 pm.

Introduction to Prayer

2 sessions to introduce Prayer using the Catechism of the Catholic Church's section on prayer. This course is open to everyone who wants to discover a bit more about the meaning of prayer from a Catholic perspective. Thursdays 31st March and 7th April, 7.30 to 9.00 pm. Session 1: What is Prayer? Session 2: Types of Prayer

Readers Workshops: 2 workshops to equip parish readers to proclaim the Word of God to others. The first workshop is an introduction to the Liturgy and to the practical skills required for reading as part of the Liturgy of the Church. The second workshop is an introduction to the Bible and to the ways in which we can make sense of the sacred text we read. 18th and 25th June, 10 am to 1 pm.

You can find all these courses and more here:

As we continue our Lenten journey, united with Christ and with each other in prayer and penance for a suffering world marked by sin, may the hope of the Resurrection never leave our hearts.

Wishing you every grace and blessing this Lent and Easter,

Sr Hyacinthe and the Formation for Mission Team.

FROM SR.VERONICA: 13th March 2022 reflection link below.She is recovering well from surgery and due back to the priory on Sunday. Please keep the prayers going for a long term recovery.

videos .

6th March 2022



Welcome to this First Sunday of Lent!

Jesus experiences the temptations in the desert. We too experience the same

temptation to sin. With his help we too can overcome these experiences

and walk away from sin. v=6Q5SvmJdCMY


I am including a link for next week's video (which should be available to

view next Saturday 12th March am) . I am going into the hospital on

Monday for my long awaited surgery.

Please remember me in a prayer on

Tuesday the day of surgery.


God Bless.


Sr Veronica's weekly reflection 27th February 2022

Here is the next video! It has been an eventful week at the Priory after storm Eunice last week. We lost power for 4 days!! Many thanks to our Priory friends who came to our rescue with flasks of hot water and heated meals. We did however enjoy the comfort of a log fire and each other's company during dark days and nights.

God Bless

Sr Veronica OP


FROM SR VERONICA OP:  20th February 2022

Welcome to the 7th Sunday in Ordinary time.

Jesus makes an enormous challenge to us today to forgive our enemies,walk the extra mile with them. Possibly if we place our complete trust inhim.

Hope everyone has survived Storm Eunice. Unfortunately our beautiful statue of Our Lady outside the chapel took flight at the height of the storm and now lies in a hundred pieces!! Sr Julie is thinking about how to put her back togetheragain. A lot of glue and patience I suspect. God Bless


Hello and welcome to this Sunday's reflection. If we trust in the Lord at all times we shall live in happiness as described by Jesus in the Beatitudes. I like tothink of this as the BE attitudes living life to the full in Christ brings about perfect happiness.

6th February 2022


Welcome to this 5th Sunday in Ordinary time where Jesus invites us to follow him in the same way he called his

disciples to become fishers of people. Let us rise to the challenge and become part of the Mission of the Lord. watch?v=p6yqQzkMcmo

16th January 2022

Dear friends,

Happy New Year! May this new year be a fresh time given to us all to grow in total trust in the Father's love, in friendship with Jesus, and in complete reliance on the Holy Spirit!


In Aperuit Illis, Pope Francis instituted the Sunday of the Word of God to be celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, which is coming up on the 23rd January. Below are a few resources to mark this wonderful day.


The God who Speaks website offers fantastic downloadable resources to mark the Sunday of the word of God in your parish. They include an order for the blessing of bibles at Mass, inviting parishioners to bring their bibles to be blessed, as well as a commissioning of readers, whether they are new or are renewing their commitment at the service of the parish.

They also include a selection of free posters and a guide to the best Bible translations.

Make the most of our diocesan lending library of resources for parish courses. We have a fantastic selection of Bible study courses which can be borrowed at any time.

Resources for one's own biblical journey

Here is a list of great Bible Resolutions for the New Year. They're varied enough for each of us to find at least one that we can commit to.

If you are wondering how much of the bible is in the Mass, check the Bible phrases in the Mass and use the Bible to help you participate more actively in the Liturgy.

Adding to this, you can subscribe of Fr Mike Schmitz's Bible in a Year podcast if you haven't done it yet, or make time to watch The Chosen and reconnect with Biblical characters.

Finally, you can always sign up to our Wednesday Communion every Wednesday at 7.15pm, when we gather to reflect prayerfully on the first reading of the coming Sunday in small groups.

Courses coming soon from our FFM Team


Between January and March 2022, our team will be running 4 online courses which are free and open to everyone. There is still time to sign up if you wish to attend:


Essential Training for Catechists. 5 sessions to discover the essential principles of catechesis, for new and seasoned catechists, for children's Liturgy leaders and for everyone passionate about transmitting the faith to others. Mondays from 7.30 to 9.00 pm, starting on the 10th January.

    Being Acceptional: 3 workshops for the parents, catechists and priests of young Catholics with additional needs such as autism, ADHD or Down Syndrome. Thursdays from 7.00 to 8.30 pm, starting on the 13th January.

    Anchoring your Faith: the Mass: 6 sessions to Re-discover the Mass, exploring its liturgy in the light of our faith. This course will take you through the Mass step by step, using Scripture, artworks, and breakout group activities. Tuesdays from 7.00 to 8.30 pm, starting on the 15th February.

    Further Training for Catechists: 5 sessions to focus on the content of the Faith and how to pass it on, asking how to talk about God, how to talk about Jesus, how to talk about salvation (including the question of evil), how to talk about the human person and how to talk about the Church. Mondays from 7.30 to 9.00 pm, starting on the 21st February.


You can find all these courses and more here:


May we all be renewed in the grace of our Baptism this year, as we follow Jesus ever more closely.

Wishing you every grace and blessing,

Sr Hyacinthe and the Formation for Mission Team.


9th January 2022

The Baptism of the Lord

Please find this week's video on this link

Apologies for the video quality. It seems my voice may be out of sequence with the visual!

Not quite sure what happened.

17th December 2021

Our Formation for Mission team will be running the following online courses in January and February 2022, which may be of interest to catechists:

For Catechists: Essential Training for Catechists (5 Mondays, 10th Jan – 7th Feb, 7.30 to 9.00 pm) followed by our new course, Further Training for Catechists (5 Mondays, 21st Feb – 21st March, 7.30 to 9.00 pm) – in the first course, we will look at the fundamental principles of catechesis to discover what it is, and in the second course, we will look at specific questions: how to speak to adults, young people and children about God, Jesus, salvation, the human person and the Church.

To find out more and register, check our website: 


Both courses are open to everyone – you don’t have to be a catechist to sign up.

For those who care of children with Additional / special needs: we are offering 3 workshops on Thursdays 13th, 20th and 27th January, 7.00 - 8.30 pm for the parents, catechists and priests of young Catholics with additional needs:

Being Acceptional.

Workshop 1. At Mass: inclusion in the Liturgy;

Workshop 2. In Catechesis: sacramental preparation;

Workshop 3. In the Home: the domestic Church for children with additional needs.

You can register for the workshops:



For Adults who wish to know their faith better: We are offering a 6 weeks course on Tuesdays 15th February - 22nd March, 7.00 - 8.30 pm. This course, Anchoring your Faith: the Mass, will help you (re)discover the Mass, exploring its liturgy in the light of our faith.

We will go through the Mass step by step but also through the essential truths of our faith, using Scripture, artworks, and breakout group activities.

You can register for Anchoring your Faith:

All our initiatives are listed on our website:

FROM SR VERONICA OP: 28th November 2021

 Welcome to this week's reflection! Here is hoping you are all keeping well and warm in the midst of this particularly cold spell. God bless. v=zBA36tfk0f8

21st November 2021

Dear friends, We're already coming to the end of our Liturgical Year with the celebration of Christ the King this Sunday! How time flies...Below I've compiled a few initiatives which may be of interest to you this Advent, as we will set our minds and hearts on the coming of the Saviour for a new year filled with hope.

Breakthrough Workshop for Married Couples

Aba Shields, from the diocesan Marriage and Family Team, is inviting married people, catechists and clergy from the diocese to attend a Breakthrough Workshop taking place on Saturday 27th November from 12 to 6pm, at Holy Family Church, Southampton.

This workshop is an opportunity to improve communication between spouses, or help couples who have problems communicating. Both spouses do not have to attend the the workshop.

Breakthrough offers spouses tools and strategies to overcome communication 'gridlock'.

To register for the workshop, contact Aba Shields.

Advent and Christmas Resources

The God who Speaks website is offering great resources to help children and adults make the most of the seasons of Advent and Christmas.

 The Advent Wreath: Four Prayer Services for Home and Family, to mark each of the Advent Sundays together at home.

 A wonderful explanation and image of 25 characters of the Jesse Tree, to mark each day of Advent in a few meaningful minutes.

 The Christmas Donkey offers a script for the story of Christmas through the eyes of the Donkey who gathers clues along the way, from Nazareth to Bethlehem.

 Make room for God this Christmas, and remember his presence with you in your own home.

 Christmas can also be a difficult time for some of us. This soul to soul resource may be helpful to you or to someone you know who is struggling with loneliness and difficulties.

Wednesday Communion

After four years, the Dominican Sisters' weekly live Wednesday Gospel Webinars have come to an end!

Now we are getting ready for our next adventure, called Wednesday Communion.

We will continue to meet online on Wednesday, but with a different formula, which will consist of:

A time of shared Lectio Divina on the first reading of the coming Sunday,

A time of fellowship, getting to know each other and exchanging stori

A time of intercession for each other, for the Church and for the world

 A time of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament through the sisters' livestream.

We hope that you'll take this opportunity to join us whenever you can on Wednesday, especially if you are a reader wanting to prepare to proclaim the first reading on Sunday. We hope this will be a precious time of fellowship and prayer, in communion with Jesus present in his Word and Sacrament. 


 Find out more details about the current synodal process in England and Wales from the Bishops' Conference website

Don't forget to sign up for or advertise our two workshops to equip parish readers, offered on Saturdays 4th and 11th of December, from 10am to 1pm.

There is still time to sign up to our 4 sessions Course on 'Passing love for the Eucharist to our children'. The first session is taking place this Monday 22nd November at 7.00 pm.


May Jesus Christ our humble and all-powerful King of Love reign in your hearts and minds, in your homes and families, in your schools and parishes, and may his Kingdom come in our world.

Wishing you every grace and blessing this Advent!

Sr Hyacinthe and the Formation for Mission Team.

Sr Margarita

The last surviving foundress of the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph, Sr Margarita Schwind, died at 6am on Wednesday, August 4th aged 86.

It was a peaceful death surrounded by her sisters.

May she Rest In Peace and  Rise in Glory.

14th November 2021

Sr Margarita

The last surviving foundress of the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph, Sr Margarita Schwind, died at 6am on Wednesday, August 4th 2021 aged 86.

It was a peaceful death surrounded by her sisters.

May she Rest In Peace and  Rise in Glory.

Sr Margarita entered on the 1st  August 1957 as a postulant

Entered the novitiate in Neustadt, Germany on the 28th April 1958 and made first profession on the 2nd May 1959 and thereafter made her final profession where she remained in Neustadt until October 1959.                 

After this, in 1959 her first assignment was to travel by boat to Oakford Natal in South Africa.  It was always her desire to go to the Africa and baptise babies. However, she taught music in a school and had a couple of choirs of girls.  She remained there until 1963 and then went to the Bluff, in Durban for a period of a year.  She returned for two years back to St. Mary’s School in Oakford.

In 1968 Sr Margarita made the intrepid journey to Chingford in England living with the community there running a retreat house.  In 1977 she was sent to Rome for a study course and at this time she met with Fr Gabriel O’Donnell who was to become a huge influence on the future of her life as a true daughter of St Dominic.

Sr Margarita returned to Chingford in 1978 until 1981 whereupon Sr Margarita and several other sisters moved to Ashurst in the New Forest to live a 10-year trial period of living a more authentic Dominican life.  It was this new beginning that brought about new life into the community and several young women joined the little band of sisters and after the 10-year trial period they separated and became the Dominican Sisters of St Joseph in July 1994.

In 1998 Sr Margarita led the community to their new home – St Dominic’s Priory and was a strong influence on the building up of the community life and apostolates.

Unfortunately, in September 2003 Sr Margarita suffered a severe stroke which left her very weak on her right side.  Although the doctors were not sure of any progress, Sr Margarita was determined to prove everyone wrong – obviously, 18 years down the road I think she managed it! 

Sr Margarita’s love for music never left her and she enjoyed listening to music most days.  Her days were filled with prayers, attending Mass, card making, puzzles and watching DVD’s and this helped her regain her words for speaking.

Sr Margarita never lost her beautiful smile, even in her last days.

There are many stories and anecdotes we could share with you but will leave this to another time when we have a Memorial Mass sometime next year and we call all get together and share  our own memories of our dearly beloved Sr Margarita.


FROM SR VERONICA 7th November 2021

I love this story of the widow who gave all from her

heart. I have had another good week feeling much more energised. Thank you for your continued support and prayer. This is the link to this week's video.




31st October 2021

 You notice I have been trying out the wig!! It will perhaps reflect my brighter self this week. I had a successful chemo on Thursday as well as an iron infusion and injection into the abdomen. My red blood count has remained stable for the last 6 weeks and it is hoped that I can now start absorbing iron into the system. I am already feeling much stronger after just a couple of days. They say it will become fully effective after about 2 weeks. So much to thank the Lord for this week. Thanking everyone for their continued prayers. God bless. Sr Veronica OP


All Saints reflection:


Reflection for 30th Sunday:


The Sisters’ latest newsletter.


08 10 2021

Dear friends,

As our diocesan Year of the Eucharist continues on, our Formation for Mission Team will be offering a few initiatives for faith formation and support in the coming months which you may find interesting. They are listed below. 

Discovering more about the Mass

A series of five online evening sessions led by Tony Darlison and the St. Peter’s Formation Team.

In this Year of the Eucharist, Bishop Philip invites us to reflect on the mystery of Jesus’ sacramental presence in the world in the form of the consecrated bread and wine, truly His body, blood, soul and divinity.

Join with us in entering more deeply into this beautiful mystery by discovering more about the Mass – what it is, what happens during Mass, and what can happen to us through our participation in the sacrifice of the Mass.

This online course is starting on Tuesday 12th October at 7.45 pm.

Passing on love for the Eucharist to our children

In this Year of the Eucharist our Formation for Mission Team is delighted to offer an opportunity to share advice and ideas on how to foster love for the Eucharist in our families.

We are offering 4 online sessions for parents, grandparents, catechists, teachers and everyone passionate about passing on love for the Eucharist to our children, led by Sr Hyacinthe and Angela Wood, with practical advice, discussions, testimonies and prayer, finishing each session with a Adoration.

The sessions will run on Mondays, from the 22nd November to the 13th December at 7.00pm.

The sessions will be:

1. Why the Eucharist is Important and how to pass on love of the Eucharist

2.  Going to Mass as a Family

3. Making the Home a Place of Communion

4. Taking and Making Opportunities to foster love for the Eucharist


Wednesday Communion

Having almost completed the full Liturgical cycle with our weekly Wednesday Gospel Webinar (the recordings are available here), the Dominican Sisters are launching a new initiative this Advent, to mark the Year of the Eucharist, called Wednesday Communion.


We will continue to meet online on Wednesday, but with a different formula, which will consist of:


    A time of shared Lectio Divina on the first reading of the coming Sunday,

    A time of fellowship, getting to know each other and exchanging stories,

    A time of intercession for each other, for the Church and for the world

    A time of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament through the sisters' livestream.


We hope that you'll take this opportunity to join us whenever you can on Wednesday, especially if you are a reader wanting to prepare to proclaim the first reading on Sunday. We hope this will be a precious time of fellowship and prayer, in communion with Jesus present in his Word and Sacrament.


Workshops for Parish Readers

Two workshops to equip parish readers will be offered on Saturdays 4th and 11th of December, from 10am to 1pm.

The first workshop covers an introduction to the Liturgy of the Church, with a specific focus on the Liturgy of the Word, as well as the Reading Skills necessary for parish readers. The second workshop offers a general introduction to the Bible as well as a set of keys to understand any biblical texts. Both workshops are led by a diocesan team: Deacon Martin McElroy from Winchester, Claire Tickell from Southampton and Sr Hyacinthe from the Lymington Dominican Sisters.

Both workshops involve small group discussions. To complete the training, awarded with a diocesan Recognitio, a reading practice with a diocesan listener is required. The details for arranging for the 1:1 15 minutes practice are given during the workshops.


Serve with Luke

This Advent we will begin a new Liturgical Year, Year C, when we focus on St Luke's Gospel.

The God who Speaks website offers a wealth of resources to prepare for this new year and receive the Gospel of St Luke with renewed understanding.

Some of the best stories come from Luke: The Good Samaritan, The Return of the Prodigal Son and the Road to Emmaus, so take a look at art inspired by these powerful episodes in our faith. 

Download gorgeous posters,

Celebrate St Luke’s Feast day on 18th October

Or follow a Daily Family Reading Plan.


There are also a few resources worth looking at:


    The Mark 10 Mission - a fantastic resource to bring the Gospel to children

    Women in Scripture podcast - from Birmingham Diocese

    Room for God - a resource to help you find God's presence at home


Finally, don't forget to have a look at the fantastic list of courses available to parishes in our diocese. 



June 20th 2021


Here is the latest contribution from Sr Veronica OP with her blessing:


This Summer’s FANNING THE FLAME YOUTH WEEK will take place this year at Kintbury Retreat Centre near Hungerford. It’s a joyful gathering involving Fun, Faith & fellowship. If you know of any young people who would be interested see details


FOR CARDS OF ALL KINDS visit the Sisters online shop. They can do bespoke designs and individual wordings:


Life in the Spirit Seminars 

         Starting Thursday 27th May at 7.15pm                   for 7 weeks

The Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you everything and remind you of all I have said.”  Jn 14: 26

“I shall ask the Father, and he will give you another Paraclete to be with you for ever, the Spirit of truth”  Jn 14: 16

At Pentecost the disciples experienced the transforming strength of the Holy Spirit in them.  They received the gifts enabling them to proclaim Jesus as Lord. 

The Life in the Spirit Seminars include scripture, reflection, testimony and prayers so that all who open their heart to the Lord will receive the gifts and their lives will be transformed.

Pope Francis has asked the Church to organise Life in the Spirit semiars and to encourage everyone to join in.  In 2019 he said to priests and others visiting Rome  “Speaking of dispensers of grace, I ask each and all of you that you ... organise seminars of Life in the Spirit in your parishes and seminaries, in schools and in neighbourhoods"

See what Sr Veronica says about her experience in this short video.

This seminar series runs from Pentecost for seven weeks on Thursday evenings.  It is online using Zoom; each session is 1½ hrs.  For part of the meeting we will be in small groups of 8 people including two group leaders.  The groups will be the same week by week and geographically based when possible.  Please register to receive the link.


11th April 2021

Wishing you a blessed Easter. Introducing a new series of reflections for Eastertide on the first readings Acts of the Apostles.

Looking forward to a brighter summer and an end to Covid restrictions.

May you remain close to the Risen Lord and embrace his redeeming love. Much love Sr Veronica OP.

6th April

Dear friends,

Christ is risen! In the words of St Peter, all of us 'have been born anew to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.' (1 Peter 1:3). May the Holy Spirit, in this Easter season, fill you all with the invincible joy and peace of the risen Christ, which no pain or sin can defeat.

At this time our team is offering two of our popular courses, which many have attended in the past: the diocesan Readers Workshops and the Essential Training for Catechists. The aim of both courses is to equip you to be convincing and passionate proclaimers of the Word of God, of the Good News of Jesus Christ, as readers or catechists.

Both courses are held online, open to everyone. You don't have to be a parish reader or catechists to sign up.

Training for Parish Readers

This training is offered on Saturdays 17th and 24th April, in two workshops of 3 hours each. The first workshop covers an introduction to the Liturgy of the Church, with a specific focus on the Liturgy of the Word, as well as the Reading Skills necessary for parish readers. The second workshop offers a general introduction to the Bible as well as a set of keys to understand any biblical texts. Both workshops are led by a diocesan team: Deacon Martin McElroy from Winchester, Claire Tickell from Southampton and Sr Hyacinthe from the Lymington Dominican Sisters.

Both workshops involve small group discussion. To complete the training which is awarded with a diocesan Recognitio, a reading practice with a diocesan listener is required. The details for arranging for the 1:1 15 minutes practice are given during the workshops.

 Essential Training for Catechists

I will be running our popular Essential Training in 5 weekly sessions on Monday evenings, starting on Monday 19th April at 7.00 pm.

So far, about 200 catechists from the diocese have attended the training, which is not exclusive to catechists, but is open to everyone who seeks to understand how to proclaim the faith more effectively to children, young people and adults. This training is a short introduction to the principles of faith transmission for seasoned or new catechists, for everyone involved in Children’s liturgy of the Word, and for anyone interested in passing on the faith or in growing in their own faith.

The 5 sessions are run over 5 weeks. The sessions cover:

1. What is catechesis? An introduction to the ministry of catechesis

2. Proclaiming the Good News: Jesus Christ at the heart of catechesis

3. The Faith of the Church: Discovering the sources of our faith

4. The Word of God: Opening the treasure of Scriptures

5. Methods and Resources: a joyful work of charity 

A diocesan certificate is awarded upon completion of the 5 sessions.

Find Hope in Scripture

You can find all the talks of our Lenten retreat, 'Finding Hope in Scripture' online, as I have uploaded them on Youtube.

I hope they will be a source of inspiration and strength in these difficult times.

Hope, like faith and charity, is a theological virtue we receive at Baptism. This gift of God allows us to connect with Him directly, by trusting Him. Like faith and charity, hope has no 'mean' or measure. This means that we can never trust too much in God! 

Coming up next (for your diary)

Maryvale online Conference on the new Directory for Catechesis on 16th April and 14th May - Looking at the principles and practical applications of the new Directory for Catechesis. This will include: 'the vocation of the catechist', 'accompaniment and catechesis', 'Catechesis in a digital culture.'

The Bible Timeline course is starting on the 7th April nationally, and it's a wonderful opportunity to join this incredible course.  

Our Wednesday Gospel Webinar continues every Wednesday at 7pm. Join the Dominican Sisters to explore the coming Sunday Gospel using the 4 senses of Scripture.

Check our website for more details

Portsmouth Formation For Mission 

We have a new Website!

I am delighted to introduce our new Formation for Mission Website: 

Click the RED BUTTON below to go straight there!

It is brand new, quite small, and still very much a work in progress. However, you will be able to find immediately on the home page what's currently on offer, which will be updated regularly. We'll make it even better, but it can fulfil a much needed purpose already, such as it is!

Please don't hesitate to send me feedback and ideas.

7th March 2021

Dear friends,

As this is the Year of St Joseph, join the Dominican Sisters to celebrate the Solemnity of St Joseph which is coming up on the 19th March, for an online retreat getting to know this remarkable saint. Come along for talks, reflections, and prayer with the sisters.

Friday 19th March

12pm - Midday Prayer and Holy Mass Join us via our chapel livestream.

5pm - Rosary, Evening Prayer with the Litany of St Joseph - Join us via our chapel livestream.

7pm - St Joseph: the Provider

How has St Joseph provided for us in our lives through his prayer? Feel free to bring your own stories of St Joseph's generosity! The sisters will share their own stories of great and small miracles, attributed to the prayers of St Joseph for the life and protection of the community. We also want to hear your stories of God's providence obtained through the prayers and protection of St Joseph.


Saturday 20th March

7am - Morning Prayer - Join us via our chapel livestream.

10am - St Joseph: the Family Man - A talk by Sr Carino, OP

What can the example of St Joseph teach us about the importance of the family in God's plan? Register for the Zoom here.

12pm - Midday Prayer and Holy Mass - Join us via our chapel livestream.

3pm - St Joseph: God's Co-Worker - A talk by Sr Hyacinthe, OP

Getting to know St Joseph, and his role in God's plan, through beautiful artworks. Register for the Zoom here.

5pm - Rosary and Evening Prayer - Join us via our chapel livestream.

'Finding Hope in Scripture'.

Dear friends,

We're beginning Lent this week, and although our life feels penitential enough, given the tough circumstances we're all facing, the Lord is nevertheless calling us to focus our attention on Him. Let this Lent be a season of hope. To hope is difficult. When things are great we don't need it, when things are tough we don't feel it. As Christians, though, our hope is different. It is rooted in the Lord, and nothing can quite shake it.

So this Lent, I'm inviting you to a Monday evening retreat which I will be leading for 6 weeks:

1. Finding Hope with Abraham
2. Finding Hope with Rahab
3. Finding Hope with Psalm 130
4. Finding Hope with the Leper
5. Finding Hope with Hebrews
6. Finding Hope with the pilgrims of Emmaus
Feb 22, 2021 07:30 PM

'Finding Hope in Scripture'.

Every Monday @7.30 pm, followed by Adoration and Compline with the Dominican Sisters @8.15pm, starting on the 22nd February.

Click below to register for the course

Journey through the Gospel of Mark

Starting on the 5th March, and led by Deacon Martin McElroy from Winchester. This is an invitation to journey through the Gospel chapter by chapter, discuss together the meaning of the Gospel and find some light through Deacon Martin's insights.

A wonderful way to mark the Year of the Word in the diocese.

Mar 5, 2021 07:30 PM

Mar 12, 2021 07:30 PM

Mar 19, 2021 07:30 PM

Mar 26, 2021 07:30 PM

Apr 2, 2021 07:30 PM

Apr 9, 2021 07:30 PM

Click below to register for the Journey through the Gospel of Mark





Welcome back to the Quarantine Quarterly - our final Quarterly of Ordinary Time for a little while! It seems like barely any time has passed since we were celebrating the Nativity of the Lord, and now we are looking forward to the great penitential season of Lent and the joys of Easter beyond. 

Here at the convent, we are pleased to report that three members of the community have received their COVID-19 vaccinations. As you can see above, we also had a small (but still very welcome) amount of snow! We've enjoyed hearing from those of you who have also received your vaccinations and of course we continue to pray for our readers who are suffering from or recovering from the virus. 

In this edition of the Quarantine Quarterly, we have an update on some sisters who have been causing alarm amongst some of our livestream congregation, and some news about upcoming online retreats. We hope you enjoy it!



Quarantine Quodlibet: What will your Lenten penance be? 

There's a lot more to Lent than just giving things up! Lent is a precious opportunity to re-order our lives and make more room for God. In the convent, we take on penance as a whole community, striving to grow together as one heart and mind as we journey towards the joy of Easter. But we also have the choice to take on penances as individuals too.  Here some of the sisters share their personal penances.

 Sr Cooey
I will be praying the litany of trust daily during Lent for my friends who are nurses and doctors and I always give up drowning my food in HP sauce during Lent, which is soooo difficult.  

Sr Veronica

I try to work out my Lenten Penance around the three areas of prayer, almsgiving and  fasting. It sounds ambitious  but I will do my best with the grace of God!
For prayer, this year I plan to meditate on the Songs of the Suffering Servant from Isaiah. I love these passages from Isaiah which so clearly speak of Christ some 800 hundred years before His coming.
For fasting I will try to "nurture a virtue" which is  a more positive way of trying to imitate the holiness and love of Jesus. I think the virtue I would like to work on is patience, since during this time of our third lockdown I know it is not easy to be patient with having to restrict one's life. 
For  almsgiving I will try to give of my time to love others in need by keeping in touch with those who are lonely, isolated and unable to be in contact with people in the usual way. 


Sr Catherine
For my Lenten penance, I’ve decided to take seriously this passage from St Paul: 'Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, which you have from God? You are not your own; you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.' (1 Corinthians 6:19)
What does this mean for me in practical terms? Self-care: getting proper sleep (I’ve always been a night owl
️), allowing myself time for leisure (instead of feeling guilty for not “being productive”), and - the most difficult thing -  learning to love myself as the Lord loves me. 



Grow in Faith this Lent and Easter!
The sisters are offering a series of talks over Zoom to deepen your love and knowledge of God during this important season.


Lent Retreat: 'Finding Hope in Scripture'

Join Sr Hyacinthe very Monday evening of Lent as she introduces us to some Biblical figures who can inspire us to hope.
Finding Hope in Scripture, beginning 7.30 pm Monday 22nd February - register here.

Easter Triduum Retreat: 'According to the Scriptures'
Join Sr Lucy and Sr Carino over the Easter Triduum as they explore the ways in which Christ's sacrifice fulfils the promises of the Old Testament. 
Body and Blood - 5pm Good Friday (2nd April) - register here
The Atonement -  10am Holy Saturday (3rd April) - register here
The Face of God - 3pm Holy Saturday (3rd April) - register here




We are all fine (no, really)

A couple of the sisters have been causing alarm amongst some of you who join us for livestreamed Mass and Divine Office due to their occasional absences, so we thought we should give you an update...



Sr Dominic

Two weeks ago, Sr Dominic attempted a niche sport called 'ice-skating on a frozen path while carrying a tray containing Fr Richard's Sunday lunch.' Once this event becomes part of the Olympics we are sure that Sr Dominic will be in the running for a gold medal. She completed her performance with a radial fracture (a broken arm, in other words) in which her radial head completely snapped off, earning her a solid 9/10 from the judging panel: Fr Richard's cat and a couple of horses in our neighbour's paddock.

After surgery to remove and prosthetically replace her radial head, followed by some over-the-phone physio, Sr Dominic is well on the road to recovery. Particularly attentive viewers of the livestream will be able to admire Sr Dominic occasionally picking up her breviary (a rather heavy prayer book) with the injured arm. She thanks you all for the emails asking if she is alright. We hope this puts your minds at rest!


Sr Margarita
Sr Margarita is our oldest sister and one of the founding members of our community. Two years ago she celebrated her 60th anniversary of profession - an indication that perseverance and tenacity are not qualities that she lacks!

Sr Margarita had a stroke around seventeen years ago and sometimes feels a little too tired or unwell to get down to the chapel for Mass. On other occasions, certain weather conditions make the journey over to the chapel too hazardous for her wheelchair (as our chapel is a separate building from our convent). While Sr Margarita has proved herself more than equal to a wide range of challenges over her life, from the Second World War to founding a religious community, she's happy to tactically concede victory to a rainy or a snowy day on occasion. You may be interested to learn that when she cannot get to the chapel, Sr Margarita joins you all watching our liturgy via the livestream!

Sr Margarita thanks you all for your concern for her wellbeing and you can all be assured of her prayers for you. 



Can you help Sr Carino?

Sr Carino is writing an article for the Catechetical Review on how our knowledge and understanding of the Mass and the Eucharist has changed through our experience of livestreamed Masses.
Maybe you never knew what 'spiritual communion' was until livestreamed Masses became common. Maybe you've got a new appreciation for the Liturgy of the Word, or have wondered if it's still necessary to stand and kneel when attending livestreamed Mass, or observe the Eucharistic fast.
Has attending livestreamed Mass revealed something new to you about Mass, or made you wonder about why we do certain things at Mass? Have you learnt new things about Mass, or looked at Mass in a new way, through attending livestreamed Mass?
If so she is interested in hearing from you!

Please take five minutes to fill out this survey.
Thank you!

We hope you enjoyed this month's Quarantine Quarterly. Next month,  we will have a quiz where you can learn some perhaps unexpected facts about the sister's lives - stay tuned...!
With our love and prayers,




This email and any attachments are confidential, privileged and protected by copyright. If you are not the intended recipient, dissemination or copying of this email is prohibited. If you have received this in error, please notify the sender by replying by email and then delete the email completely from your system. Where the content of this email is personal or otherwise unconnected with The Portsmouth Diocese or its affiliated charities and companies, the Diocese and its affiliated charities and companies accept no responsibility or liability for such content. No contracts shall be concluded by means of this email. Internet email may be susceptible to data corruption, interception and unauthorized amendment over which we have no control. Whilst sweeping all outgoing email for viruses, we do not accept liability for the presence of any computer viruses in this email or any losses caused as a result of viruses.

All personal data we collect is processed in accordance with our privacy notice, which is available at:

23rd January 2021

Dear friends,


Greetings from all of us in this new and already challenging year! We move forward with the Lord in the midst of the current trials and uncertainties, united together in Him and in communion with each other, in spite of lockdown and social distancing. Here are a few updates and initiatives happening soon that I want to share with you.




Sunday of the Word of God

While some of us will be able to attend Mass this weekend, many will have to stay at home still. Yet we can all celebrate the Sunday of the Word of God - 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time - instituted as such by Pope Francis in 2019, in Aperuit Illis. To celebrate the Sunday of the Word of God, the 'God who Speaks' campaign has put together a whole list of things you can choose from according to your circumstances and possibilities. If we're not able to do some of these things this year in our parish, perhaps we can plan ahead for next year!


Also, the Dominican Sisters are now offering their Gospel Webinar live on their facebook page - to help you prepare for the coming Sunday Gospel and have also started a series of videos to help with the Children's Liturgy of the Word in partnership with Redemptorist Publications.


Roses and Thorns

1st Holy Communion Catechesis in the time of Covid

Join us for ideas, networking and support!

Wednesday 3rd Feb 7.30-8.30pm


First Holy Communion Catechists

First Communion Preparation with Covid19 Restrictions


An opportunity for catechists to discuss and share ideas about preparation of children for First Holy Communion within parishes during the current covid19 restrictions and uncertainties.


Many catechists have expressed concerns about how they should work with the children in their parishes   Maybe we can support one another.


If you wish to join the discussion please register on the website


Responding to the prompt of the Holy Spirit


Paul O'Beirne, from our Team, invites you to a Portsmouth Diocese Meeting Saturday 6th February 10am to 1pm on Zoom


Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit 

Mt 28 19


Sometimes we might think there is the opportunity to mention Jesus or prayer, sometimes we need a little more confidence to take that prompt of the Holy Spirit.  Sometimes our prayer is busy, and we could listen more to hear the prompt of the Holy Spirit. 

 This online event is an opportunity to inspire and give time for people from across the Diocese to hear from others about how we, as Church, in Portsmouth have responded – or how we might respond-- in practical ways, to the Great Commission (Mt 28: 19).


The timetable is 10am to 1pm on Saturday 6th February.  The link will only be sent to those who register.  There will be a break.  We will open with Prayer led by Fr Kelvin from Boars Hill Carmel near Oxford.  Fr Mike Schmitz will challenge and inspire us, in a video, to respond to the spirit just as the apostles did at Pentecost.


In breakout rooms we will share how we think we might respond to Jesus’s commission, or share what has already worked, or could work.

We will also hear from several projects that have already inspired many to bring the Good News to those who have not heard.


Readers Workshops


Our next Readers workshops are taking place in February (6th and 13th) and in April (17th and 24th). You can register your attendance below. You need to have attended both workshop 1 and workshop 2, and completed a reading practice with a diocesan listener to receive a Diocesan Recognitio.


Here are a few comments from readers who have completed the training:


    ‘Very well explained, reassuring, helpful, good points to remember, good guidance to all to help enhance our skills to be a good reader.’

    ‘A good refresher and reminder on how to do the readings and what the purpose is.’

    ‘I have not read for sometime but this has given me a better grounding of what is expected of a reader.’

    ‘It was varied, interesting, fast moving and I learnt a lot.’

    ‘I thought the workshop was brilliant. I felt a bit intimidated initially as a new reader and with the least amount of experience but the group was so welcoming and supportive. I loved it.’

    ‘I found every aspect of these workshops were useful.’


Coming up next (for your diary)


    I will be running a Lenten Retreat on 'Finding Hope in Scripture', every Monday evening at 7.30 pm for the 6 weeks of Lent, starting on Monday 22nd February.


    The Dominican Sisters will also offer some talks on the sacrifice of Jesus during the Easter Triduum (1st-4th April) - Details and links to come soon!


    The Bible Timeline course is starting on the 7th April nationally, and it's a wonderful opportunity to join this incredible course.


May the Holy Spirit be your constant companion in these difficult times, and guide you in the way of Christ to the heart of the Father.


I hope we will meet again soon, if not physically, then at least virtually, and be strengthened together in faith, hope and charity by God's grace


May God bless you and keep you safe, 


Sr Hyacinthe and all the Formation for Mission Team.

Merry Christmas!


From the Formation for Mission Team


May the Newborn Child make his home in you this Christmas. This year we will be very close to Bethlehem in poverty, isolation and uncertainty, like Mary and Joseph. Yet He will come, bringing with him the riches of his love, the consolation of his presence and the assurance of his mercy. May our hearts be wide open to receive Jesus our Saviour!

This Christmas...


-Watch our diocesan Carol Service

-Pray each day around the Crib with 'At the Manger through the Octave'

-Ponder Christmas and Epiphany through art

-Sign up for our online Back2Basics course on the Mass

-Encourage a reader from your parish to register for training

-Discover our new Children's Liturgy series with Redemptorist Publications

-Invite someone to join the Alpha Course led by Hook and Tadley parishes

-Join the Dominican Sisters in prayer and know they're praying with you and for you


Wishing you every blessing and grace this Christmas.

May the joy and peace of the Child Jesus fill your heart,

and may his loving presence be your strength and consolation.

With the assurance of our prayer,


Sr Hyacinthe and the Formation for Mission Team


At last the final episode of the evangelisation series!

This one considers Youth MInistry very much from the point of view of our experience of our work with the the Fanning the Flame Catholic Mission.

Click the red button below to view the episode.

If you have enjoyed this series of videos and they have been useful to you or your parish community please consider making a donation to help us with the new Apostolates which we have now started to undertake as a result of Covid restrictions.

Hopefully we can continue the work on more series in the future.With every Blessing for Christmas and a more promising Covid free New Year!

God Bless Sr Veronica OP.

Pastoral programme: Episode 5 family ministry December 6th

We have at last managed to upload this onto youtube!

We are about to acquire some better equipment soon so hopefully our work will be speeded up somewhat. Episode 6 (the final episode) Youth Ministry should be completed by 3rd Sunday Advent.

God Bless Sr Veronica

Click the red button below to link to You tube.

Scroll down for the rest of the Pastoral programme, Advent rources and a course on the Mass for January 2021

New Formation For Mission Course

Back2Basics - The Mass

This coming January, I invite you to join us for 6 sessions to refresh our understanding and deepen our love for the Mass. After lockdown, some of our friends and family, and even ourselves, may find it difficult to return to the sacramental practice of our faith. Taking time to discover or rediscover what we believe in our faith, how this is celebrated in the Mass, and how we are called to live it may be just what we need at the beginning of the year, to re-ignite our love for the Mass and find the words to encourage others to practice. Each session will end with a time of prayer. This course will be led by Sr Hyacinthe and Angela Wood.

This course will be especially helpful to catechists, readers and parents of First Holy Communion children, but it is open to everyone.

It will be taking place on Monday evenings from 7 to 9 pm, from the 11th January to the 15th February.

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Dear friends,


As we begin a new Liturgical year, I want to share with you some of the wonderful initiatives that are on offer at the moment, to help us enter this new season and this new year with renewed hearts and minds, and a more loving attention to the coming of the Lord in our life, in the Church and in the world. A particular focus this year will be on the Word of God, as we continue our diocesan Year of the Word, within the God who Speaks campaign.


This Advent...


    It's not too late to obtain Jesse Trees for you, your friends and family, your local school and parish. They are free, and they provide a great way to open up Scripture for everyone during Advent.  To order your Jesse Tree resource please contact Katy via email:

Download Four Services to celebrate at home as you light the candles of your Advent Wreath. Click the button below

Read the whole Gospel of St Mark this Advent with St Mark Day by Day offered by Bishop Peter Brignall of Wrexham

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Living Advent Podcasts from Nottingham Diocese

    Click the button below to check the God who Speaks national website for more resources to celebrate Advent with the Word of God.

    Join the Dominican Sisters in Sway for their online Carol Service on Sunday 13th December at 3.00 pm and sing along as loud as you can! Join the Sisters afterwards for an Advent Party on Zoom.


Our talented sisters have been working very hard during this last six months of lock down building up our stocks for Christmas. Sr Lucy and Sr Catherine have built up a beautiful stock of original watercolours and calligraphy cards. In this time of lockdown when you cannot go out to do normal Christmas shopping you may find something special for Christmas here. and be able to support our community in a very special way at the same by purchasing our cards! It is not always easy to find suitable Christian cards in our increasingly secular world. We hope we can fill a gap in this area.


This episode concentrates on the words of Pope Francis who calls us to be shepherds to a "wounded humanity." In his most recent document Frattelli Tutti he also asks us in a pastoral sense to make sure that no one lives in isolation. These sentiments are so important as we enter into a long winter still suffering from the effects of the global pandemic. I hope this short video will give a resource to parishes to develop an awakened sense of compassion and hope for all who live within our parish boundaries. God Bless Sr Veronica OP, our Domincan Sisters at Sway.

1st November


VIDEOS ON EVANGELISATION: From the Dominican Sisters at Sway.

The latest video


focusses on practical ways to develop a parish pastoral Vision based on the Vision of Christ as Prophet, Priest and King!


The next episode will cover the Ministry of Compassion to the sick and marginalised., with a reflection on Suffering with Christ. and some practical pastoral thoughts which may be useful especially for Ministers of Holy Communion and such groups as SVP.

Search in YouTube for “Evangelisation - Dominican sisters of St Joseph” for previous videos.


From Sr Veronica

I have been making a series of videos which we are now uploading to our video channel on Youtube

THis latest series is about Parish mission and evangelisation.

It is aimed particularly at members of PPC's and  pastoral area EST's

Here’s the promo video:

Others will follow shortly!

The whole series of 6 comes in bite size of about 10-15 minutes each. It will look at how the idea of mission has developed since Vat II and how we can engage in the mission in our parishes and find a vision for the local parish in line with this.. It will cover areas such  youth ministry, ministry to the sick and housebound and the marginalised members of the local community as well as family and marriage.

Newest Novices - Dominican Sisters of St Joseph

Welcome to the two new novices -

Sr Marie Dominic OP and Sr Máire Cooey OP.

After spending their first year as Postulants with the Dominican community at Sway, they have entered the start of their two-year period of Noviciate. God willing, this will lead to a three-year period of temporary profession and onto their perpetual profession with the community.

Please keep in your prayer's foundress Sr Margarita OP, who is very ill at this time and also Sr Rosaleen OP who is undergoing treatment for cancer.

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Below are two of initiatives that may be of interest to your

readers and catechists:


    Our Formation for Mission is now offering diocesan Readers Workshops online. We had started offering them in parishes for the God who Speaks campaign, and had to cancel them due to Lockdown.


We’ll now be offering two sets of workshops on Zoom:


    on Saturdays 17th October (workshop 1) and 24th October (workshop 2) at 10 am

    on Saturdays 14th November (workshop 1) and 21st November (workshop 2) at 10 am


You can find a registration page for the workshops here:


As part of the training, we will be offering one-to-one online meetings to each participant to give them a chance to practice their reading. This will be organized separately, once they have attended the workshops.


    In response to a few requests, I am also offering the Catechists training on Monday evenings, at 7.30 pm, starting on the 7th September for five weeks. The registration link for the Evening Catechists course is here:



This course is certified by the diocese and offers an essential foundation for the work of catechists. It is open also for children's Liturgy leaders, parents, grandparents, church readers and ministers: for all those who wants to grow in their understanding and love of the faith.

July 2020

Although we appreciate that most churches are now allowed to open if circumstances permit, we unfortunately will NOT be able to open our chapel for private prayer/worship due to the shielding of our members.

Thank you for your understanding.

We will continue to hold you in prayer.


7:00am – Office of Readings & Morning Prayer
12:00pm – Angelus, Midday Prayer
12:15pm – Holy Mass (11am on Sunday)

5pm – Rosary & Evening Prayer
8:15pm – Adoration & Compline (7:30pm on Sundays)

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CHECK OUT: all the Sisters are doing for teaching the faith around the Diocese, especially in the Formation for Mission programme. Go on to their website and click the APOSTOLATE tab and follow the links.

There are programmes and courses you can follow on line.

The Prayer and Listening Service


Prayer and listening to God is a vital part of our everyday life, but sometimes it is difficult to pray when we are exhausted or in stressful situations or by ourselves. 

The diocese has created a team with experience in both praying with others and in spiritual listening, All of the volunteers are trained in this service and have been through the essential safeguarding training and other requirements.


We are offering a service where people fill in a short form on the diocese website requesting a phone call, of 10 - 15 minutes usually.

Additionally, we are asking key workers if they would like to give us their name and work place and we will pray for them by name each day.




Prayer is a surge of the heart; it is a simple look turned toward heaven, it is a cry of recognition and of love, embracing both trial and joy


Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

20th May


Dear Friends,


Greetings from the New Forest!


‘I am with you always.’

We're about to enter the great time of prayer of the Church between Ascension and Pentecost, the original 'novena', 9 days of prayer. We join the disciples gathered together with Mary Mother of the Church, and wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit. Our continuing - albeit lighter - lockdown, the new reality of life with Covid-19, and especially the still very painful physical separation from the sacraments and our Church community can be received now as an opportunity to experience the 'self-lockdown' of the Apostles and Mary in the Upper Room,. We can understand their fear, their prayer, and their total dependency on the promise of Jesus. They too had a very strange time of deep isolation, even while they were together. Jesus had gone up to the Father and the Holy Spirit hadn't yet come. All they had was the promise of the Lord: 'I am with you always.' We can feel very much like them in our own upper rooms, whether physical or spiritual - the upper rooms of our hearts.

So let's hold on to the words of Jesus our Saviour: 'I am with you always.'


A time of Prayer

This time is given to us by the Church to experience a fresh thirst for the Holy Spirit, and to persevere in faith, holding on to the promise of the Lord. To do this, here are a few things you may be interested in:


    Thy Kingdom Come - a global, ecumenical novena: Join the global wave of prayer calling all Christians to pray between Ascension and Pentecost for more people to come to know the love and peace of Jesus Christ. May 21st - May 31st 2020

    Inflamed and Empowered: Pentecost in Scripture - explore the Holy Spirit in Scripture to prepare for Pentecost with Scott Hahn, John Bergsma, and Curtis Mitch

    The God who Speaks - Discover the resources offered by the national campaign for the Year of the Word: explore Ascension and Pentecost in Art, make a Dove from Above to hang next to your NHS rainbow, and join the novena led by Bishop Peter Brignall from Wrexham diocese

    The National Rosary Rally is taking place on Pentecost Sunday. We who are in Portsmouth Diocese can join in wherever we are, at noon on that day.


These nine days will also be a time of prayer for the us Dominican Sisters, and we will have our annual silent retreat from Ascension to Pentecost. During that time, there will be


    NO WEDNESDAY WEBINAR ON THE 27th MAY (but you'll be able to listen to the podcast for Pentecost here)

    NO DAILY LECTIO DIVINA FROM ASCENSION TO PENTECOST. The daily Lectio will resume on Monday 1st June. 


However, you can still join us for the celebration of the Divine Office, Mass, the rosary and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament each day.


Year of the Word Update

More than ever, it is time to turn to God's Word for strength and guidance in these difficult times. Our team had been planning a Year of the Word Pilgrimage to Winchester Cathedral, home of the Winchester Bible, for September 2020. This event has now been postponed to the 26-27th June 2021.  We hope we'll be able to go ahead and celebrate the gift of God's Word in Scripture in this important ecumenical event, to which you are all invited.


In the meantime, check our diocesan media page to celebrate the God who Speaks by listening to podcasts and joining our weekly webinar.


During these times of renewed reliance on the promise of the Gift of his Spirit, we pray that we may remain filled with the joy and hope of the Gospel.


May this joy and hope, signs of the presence of the Holy Spirit, continue to fill our hearts, confident in the victory of Christ!


With the assurance of my prayers, and wishing you every blessing,

Sr Hyacinthe, OP